Routing Switchers

3G/HD/SD/ASI Routing Switcher

Routing switcher that builds on the solid performance of our larger MFR-5000/8000 units through redundancy and easy maintenance.

3G/HD/SD/ASI/AES/RS-422 Routing Switcher

The MFR-8000 builds on the functions and control interfaces of MFR-5000 specifications to offer an expanded matrix of up to 256 inputs/256 outputs in a 16U frame.

IP Changeover Switcher (2 inputs)

Standalone ASI/TS over IP changeover in a 1U enclosure. Monitors TS-level IP signals in redundant input and instantly switches ports if errors occur, enabling seamless output without disruptions.

Integrated Control Software
GearLink (Provisional)

Software for centralized visual control of video switchers and other peripherals. Customize buttons and the screen layout for a bird’s-eye view of workflows and convenient system control.

Multi Channel Signal Processor

The FA-505 is a frame synchronizer equipped with up/down/cross converter (5 video I/O).

Multi-channel Signal Processor

The FA-1010 is a frame synchronizer equipped with the various functions you need for video production and that enables multi-channel routing (10 video I/O).

8K/4K/HD/SD/ASI/AES/RS-422 Routing Switcher

The MFR-5000 System is a group of multi-format routing switchers supporting 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, AES and RS-422 signals.

3G/HD/SD/ASI/AES Routing Switcher
MFR-3232 / 3232RPS / 3216 / 3216RPS / 1616 / 1616R / 1616A

Multi-format routing switchers that support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, and AES signals.

Remote Control Unit
MFR-RU Series

Several types or remote control unit for MFR series to suit your application.

Data Router / digiStorm Controller
DSC-100 / 200

The DSC-100/200 is a device for switching camera parameters in FOR-A's virtual studio and RCG system. Normally, one CG processor is required for each camera for compositing with CG images.

SDI Changeover Switcher

Modular-type SDI changeover switcher (UFM frame-mountable) that seamlessly switches 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals, increasing duplex transmission reliability.

TS Changeover Switcher (2-input)

Modular-type TS changeover switcher (UFM frame-mountable) that constantly monitors TS signals on a redundant circuit.

HD/SD Routing Switcher
DRS-21HS / 22HS / 41HS / 42HS

Compact and Inexpensive Multi Bit Rate Video Routing Switcher.