12G-SDI 4K Audio Multiplexer/Demultiplexer


12G-SDI 4K audio multiplexer/demultiplexer with 16 channels of AES I/O


  • Supports transfer rates from 270 Mbps to 12 Gbps
  • Sync modes: Frame, Line, AVDL
  • Sample rate converter (SRC) for MUX/DEMUX of asynchronous AES/EBU signals (switched from a menu)
  • MUX: Mapping 16 channels (8 pairs) of AES/EBU signals in 16 channels (at 4K) and embedding onto SDI signals
  • DEMUX: De-multiplexes 8 selected channels from 16 channels from SDI signals as AES/EBU audio output
  • LTC port is used for input and output
  • SNMP monitoring