Multi Purpose Signal Processor


FOR-A’s next generation technology is a dual channel frame synchronizer, SDR/HDR processor and converter that offers exceptional conversion format delivery, including 12G, 4K UHD, 1080p and SD/HD. Built with high reliability, versatility, and ease of use in mind, the FA-9600 is the ideal device for any HD transition to 4K UHD.

FA-9600 Introduction


The FA-9600 multipurpose signal processor offers essential features for emerging trends in video production that are applicable to many professional settings.

Each of the two HD/SD inputs incorporates a frame synchronizer, and because the signal processor features 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K UHD production. Adding an optional expansion card provides four more channels of 3G-SDI input/output or six channels of 12G-SDI distributed output.*1
The FA-9600 is more than a basic frame synchronizer. Video conversion of all kinds is easy. A newly developed color processing circuit supports the latest gamut and dynamic range specifications, and an optional converter circuit is available for up/down/cross conversion. Offering a wide range of audio processing, core features of remapping and gain adjustment, the FA-9600 can be expanded by adding an optional card*1 that makes it an ideal standalone solution at transmission centers, in mobile production trucks, production studios, news stations, and other nonlinear editing and playout production environments.

*1: For details, see the expansion cards in "Options."

HDR and Wide Color Gamut support

Standard features

*2: FA-96UDC is required.
*3: When FA-964K is installed. Conversions that include 4K UHD are effective only Line 1-side. When from 12G-SDI to quad link 3G-SDI output and downconverted HD output are used concurrently, quad link 3G-SDI needs to be set to 2SI (2-Sample Interleave) Level-A format.
*4: Audio processing unavailable with HDMI connection.
*5: This feature is available for a limited number of function and parameters.