Replay System

Envivo Replay

A compleate replay solution with an easy to use intuitive touch screen interface

Envivo Replay is the new standard for ease of use, intuitive and ergonomic designs, and through the flexibility of add-on features, it creates superior revenue-generating workflows. No other system beats the speed of use or learning of Envivo’s touch interface, which also blends seamlessly with its optional hardware controller. Let Envivo Replay take you to the next level of live replay innovation and experience.


Simple to use touch screen interface

The concept is simple…Just touch it. If you know how to use your finger on a touch screen, you can run Envivo Replay. The main UI layout allows for multiple Clip Bins and Playlists to be viewed at the same time, as well as,some useful tools from the Tool Bar.

Post to social media

Push conent directly from capture to your various social media outlets. Integrated tool lets the author publish Clips, Playlists, or Stills and includes Branding.


  • 8ch - 2RU Server supporting multi-cam inputs
  • 1080i, 720p, 1080p, 3x or 4x super slow-motion
  • NDI In and Out
  • Dante Audio In and Out
  • Built-in Branding
  • Import/export from USB or NAS
  • 24/7 Feed Record
  • Optional slow-motion controller