Camera Tracking Hub


EZtrack® Hub relies on a compact system unit that delivers accurate tracking, compatibility with multiple tracking standards, image sync, zoom/focus data readout and communication with world-class 3D engines.


  • Highly modular camera tracking solution: markerless, active IR markers, motion capture systems, PTZ cameras & mechanical Pan-Tilt heads.
  • Lens metadata readout: from Broadcast digitally encoded lenses (Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux) to Cine Zoom and Prime lenses (Cooke Optics, Zeiss, DZOfilm, Xeen and more).
  • EZprofile: standalone lens calibration tool providing multi-3D render engine support.
  • Green screen & LED wall ready: Broadcast, Cinema, Live Events, e-Sports, House of Worship and more.
  • FBX tracking data record for post-production pipelines.
  • Native support of main 3D engines (Brainstorm, ClassX, Unreal Engine, Zero Density, VIZRT, Aximmetry, Pixotope and more).