Universal System Frame

USF Series

Universal modular frame designed for compact, economical system building. Build an optimal system for your environment from a full array of modules.

  • Available frames
     - USF-105S: 1U size. Holds 5 modules
     - USF-212AS*1/212S/212*2: 2U size. Holds 12 modules
  • Hot-swappable, front-accessible power unit and module bays
  • New design combining SDI and Ethernet
  • Two genlock inputs (Black burst (BB) or tri-level sync) (USF-212AS/212S/212)

*1 Only USF-212AS able to hold USF-10IP, USF-10IPSDI6-FS and USF-10IPSDI12-FS. Planned for a future release.
*2 USF-212 only able to hold distributor modules.

Available modules

  • USF-10IP series IP Gateway
  • USF-1043FS 3G/HD/SD-SDI frame synchronizer
  • USF-106UDC-12G 12G-SDI 4K up/down converter
  • USF-1044UDC 4K up/down converter
  • USF-106DC-12G 12G-SDI 4K down converter
  • USF-111DDA-12G 12G-SDI 11-output digital video distributor
  • USF-105DDA-12G 12G-SDI 5-output digital video distributor
  • USF-1053DDA 5-output multi-bit rate digital video distributor
  • USF-1100VEA 10-output analog video distributor
  • USF-1040VEA 4-output analog video distributor
  • USF-105DADA 5-output unbalanced digital audio distributor
  • USF-108ADA 8-output analog audio distributor
  • USF-402AADC Analog-to-digital audio converter
  • USF-1013MUX 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital audio multiplexer
  • USF-1013DEMUX 3G/HD/SD-SDI digital audio demultiplexer


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