File-based Products

File-based product lineup, from ingest (encoding), content management and data delivery to archiving, complementing production support system MediaConcierge

LTO Server

LTO server equipped with an LTO-7 drive. Store up to 6 TB of video and audio media on LTO-7 tapes when using in uncompressed mode.

LTO-7 Multi Codec Archiving Recorder

A multi-format LTO-7 archiving recorder that also offers a generous 6 TB of internal storage for backup

Multi Channel Video Server
Insight [ODYSSEY]

ODYSSEY’s Insight Production Server is a versatile four channel playout system designed for studio and OBVan environments.

IP Streamer for File-Based Production

IP streaming with codec support for file-based workflows. Saves input data without recompression to MXFiles.

Clip Server

Clip server that enable simultaneous dual-channel recording and playback.

MXF File Player
IMP-200 (Provisional)

A software-based file player that easily integrates into video production workows and provides a convenient preview of MXF files. Play files as you are recording them, view time codes, and set in/out points.

Upconversion plug-in (Adobe Premiere Pro CC)
Up Convert Effect Plug-in APP

Super-resolution upconversion for sharp, highly detailed video. An upconversion plug-in for Adobe® Premiere Pro CC in Windows®.

File-base Video Format Converter
FRC Export Plug-in (Adobe Premiere Pro CC)

High-quality video format converter/MXF exporter plug-in software for Abobe Premiere Pro CC/CS6 Windows.

MXF Clip Server / Baseband Converter
MBP-120SX / 125SX

These are compact MXF clip servers equipped with HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs and a SSD for recording.

LTO-6 Multi Codec Archiving Recorder

LTO multi codec video archiving recorder.

LTO Video Archiving Recorder
LTR-100HS6 / 120HS6

The LTR Series is a standalone video archiving recorder fitted with an LTO (Linear Tape Open) drive - the latest in storage technology.

LTO server material file management software

Combining the LTS-MAM material file management software with the LTS-50 LTO server creates an archive system

File-based Total Solution (Media Management System)

MediaConcierge is the collective name for FOR-A's media management systems that have been developed for content management in the video industry.

Multi Format Player

The MBP-100MP is a 1RU size multi-format player offering HD-SDI output of miscellaneous files.