1Network operation centers

As a product capable of providing both functionality and space savings, the FA-1010 is an excellent choice for network operation centers, which handle a large number of video signals. With its ability to process as much as 10 channels of video signal in a 1U size profile, the FA-1010 can contribute to significant space savings. The unit possesses excellent audio processing capabilities, including an audio remapping function across 10 channels, and to effectively process consistently stable video, a number of features have been developed, including redundant power supply, SNMP status monitoring, and dedicated, integrated remote control.

2Sub control rooms

There are significant benefits to incorporating what the FA-1010 offers into sub control room systems. In addition to frame synchronization, the FA-1010 implements numerous other features that are useful in the control room, 3G-SDI level-A/B conversion, color correction, delay adjustment, time code distribution, audio remapping, gain adjustment, and polarity reversal. Moreover, the FA-1010 offers these features across ten channels, and with respect to control, provides a stable working environment by means of remote control over dedicated hardware.

3Mobile OB and Up-Link production trucks

With ten channels of processing in a single unit, the FA-1010 delivers significant benefits in systems where space savings are required, such as in mobile and Up-Link production trucks, and due to its multi-device functionality, contributes to a significant reduction in both rack space and power consumption. The FA-1010 offers a rich feature set that is useful in the field, including frame synchronization, color correction, delay adjustment, clean switching, time code generation and insertion, and various audio processing functions.


Housed in a single unit, the FA-1010 greatly reduces the amount of peripheral equipment at event sites where portable equipment is used by playing the role of ten video and audio processors. For example, its color corrector can be used for color matching between cameras. In addition, because it comes with a clean switch function, an external remote unit allows the unit to be used as a simple switcher. By installing the analog audio option, it is possible to use and mix direct microphone input with other sounds, then embed the audio into video output. And even in multi-camera editing when using a large number of recorders, system assembly is simplified due to the time code and audio processing being implemented into a single unit.

5Editing and MA

Today, as non-linear editing has become mainstream, video systems are simplifying the process. Conversely, because the workflow can now be too simple, there may be times when you run into trouble and think, "I wish I had that feature!" The FA-1010, which includes a comprehensive set of video and audio-related features in a single unit, gives you the flexibility to deal with those unforeseen situations that make you wish you had that feature!

64K systems

4K video production has begun. Preparing four processors to handle QFHD video can be a significant burden in terms of both equipment and costs. Just the cable work involved to connect each device requires considerable effort. The FA-1010 comes with a 4K mode, allowing it to work as two 4K (QFHD) video processors, and can be used as 4K-compatible frame synchronizers, as well as 4K color correctors. Various processing functions also allow it to be used the same was as in HD processing, and with 3G-SDI level-A/B conversion capability also standard, simplifies the assembly of systems that mix peripherals compatible with level-A or level-B.

System Example

System Example 1

  • The FA-1010 lets you synchronize various input devices and perform delay adjustment and color correction.
  • The analog audio option is equipped with a head amplifier and phantom power, enabling direct microphone input.
  • It supports AFD signals, and can automatically convert them to the optimal format and view angle.
  • The audio MUX and DEMUX functions make it easy to superimpose an external sound source such as a microphone on the camera image.
  • Use of an FA-AUX30 external remote unit also allows easy access to many functions through GPI.

System Example 2

  • The FA-1010 can be used for multi-camera recording using multiple camera units, and allows the video feed from each camera to be delay-adjusted, color-corrected, and synchronized.
  • All of the recorder time codes can be synchronized by means of the time code generator and inserter.
  • The audio MUX/DEMUX functions allow external sound sources, such as from a microphone, to be easily superimposed onto the camera image.
  • Use of an FA-AUX30 external remote unit also allows easy access to many functions through GPI.

System Example 3

  • The FA-1010 can also be used as two frame synchronizers/processors for 4K camera, allowing delay adjustment, color correction, and synchronization of video from two 4K cameras (maximum).
  • The channel link function allows QFHD video to be processed as a single video.
  • The audio MUX/DEMUX functions allow external sound sources, such as from a microphone, to be easily superimposed onto the camera image.
  • Installing the output expansion option also allows additional output channels to be utilized.