System Integration

Create advanced video system and carve out new possibilities

In Japan, FOR-A provides customers with the technology to fully implement their business strategies while exceeding their expectations in the process. That's because FOR-A doesn't simply provide customers with products that suit their needs. Instead, FOR-A delivers comprehensive solutions designed to solve problems, achieve goals, and anticipate future needs.
FOR-A uses its extensive experience and proven track record in video and audio to provide ideal solutions for customers operating in a wide range of markets, from broadcasting and education to healthcare and the public sector.

System Examples

Broadcast Facilities

  • Virtual studios
  • Main studios
  • Sub-studios
  • Linear and nonlinear editing systems
  • Telop generators
  • Coordination hubs

High-definition sub-studio system
in use at Fukui Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Production/Post Production

  • Linear and nonlinear editing systems
  • Telecine systems
  • MA systems

Sub-studio system at EXA International Co., Ltd.

Government Support

  • Facility coordination systems
  • Bidirectional transmission systems
  • Contents database management systems
  • Asset management systems
  • Video edit systems
  • VFX studios

Archiving device for live telecasts of Diet proceeding
in use at the House of Councillors (The National Diet of Japan)

Educational Facilities

  • Presentation devices
  • 3D CG practice classrooms
  • Video training classrooms
  • Virtual studios
  • Streaming systems
  • Recording studios

Virtual studio system in use in the AV studio
at the Atsugi Campus, Tokyo Polytechnic University

Medical Support

  • High resolution recording systems
  • Operation room transmission systems
  • Presentation devices

Security & Surveillance

  • Traffic monitoring systems
  • Area surveillance systems
  • Parking lot monitoring systems