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The ultimate 4K solution for super-slow motion

The world’s first* high-speed camera designed for super-slow-motion acquisition at 4K resolution up to 900 frames per second (fps). The FT-ONE incorporates the groundbreaking FT1-CMOS, a global shutter CMOS color sensor. The FT-ONE CMOS was developed by FOR-A to provide superior resolution and sensitivity. RAW material is recorded at high speed to the internal RAM memory, which holds nearly 10 seconds of 4K content shot at 900 fps. For convenience, material can then be transferred to optional internal SSD cartridges. Unleash your creativity with this unprecedented innovation in super-slow-motion video at 4K resolution.

*According to internal research as of May 2012.

Award winnig:

  • Government Video magazine “2013 Government Video Salute Award”
  • Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan “MPTE Award 2013”, “Technology Development Award 2012”
  • BIRTV 2013 China “BIRTV 2013 Award”
  • TV Technology Europe “STAR Award 2012”
  • TVB Europe “Best of IBC 2012”

FT-ONE Highlight



FT-ONE 4K Digital Intermediate Workflow


Advanced FT1-CMOS sensor

Creating a high-speed 4K camera required a new kind of sensor. Drawing on our expertise in high speed cameras, we devised a CMOS sensor equivalent in size to that of super 35mm sensors. A unique sensor for a revolutionary camera, FT1-CMOS sensor offers outstanding sensitivity, responsiveness, resolution and transfer speed.


Groundbreaking FT1-CMOS sensor


Sensor Comparison


Super-slow motion in 4K at 900 fps

The advanced FT1-CMOS sensor enables high-speed recording at up to 900 fps. The massive 4K image data from the sensor requires powerful image processing. Material is stored in internal memory in real time. The frame rate is also adjustable (24 fps min. base level). The FT-ONE maintains a striking 4K resolution at all frame rates.

11-stop dynamic range

The 12-bit FT1-CMOS sensor provides a high dynamic range across 11 stops. What’s more, ISO 640 sensitivity ensures stable, extremely low-noise results.

Storage partitioning

The internal memory can be used as a single partition or devided into 2 to 16 partitions for simultaneous recording or playback. In continuous recording, material can be left intact before recording the next segment. Partitioning allows you to record new scenes while playing back scenes already stored in other partition.

Simultaneous 4K recording/playback

Simultaneous 4K recording and playback are available. While a native 4K material divided into four 1080p HD-SDI signals is output, another 4K material down-converted to HD-SDI in size can be simultaneously output. In addition, two downconverted HD-SDI outputs allow you to monitor the signal on a preview monitor and a viewfinder with on-screen information display. Any segment during 4K recording can be extracted for viewing in HD-SDI (1080i). As the next segment is continuously being recorded, even during slow-motion playback from the camera, this dual-channel output helps you avoid missing out on crucial moments.

SDI outputs (on the right, in back of the camera)

Versatile trigger support

Constant image capture begins as soon as the FT-ONE is turned on. Pressing a trigger that can be set to record from the start, center or end of the event to be captured, starts recording to internal memory. Choose the optimal recording trigger for the subject or scene. With the pre-roll function, playback starts from the specified position, keeping playback focused on required segments.

Global shutter system

The high-speed global shutter system counteracts rolling shutter artifacts that might otherwise occur with fast motion. Capture instantaneous subject movement in crisp detail at 4K resolution.

12-axis color correction

Color correction along 12 axes during video output surpasses ordinary trichromatic correction. By adjusting the hue and saturation for individual colors on the 12 axes, you can isolate specific colors for correction. Our 12-axis color correction system allows for the unprecedented ability to perform onsite color adjustment and match the output of traditional cameras.
(This form of adjustment only affects video output and none of the camera memory RAW material.)

Genlock input

Genlock functionality was designed with broadcast scenarios in mind. The FT-ONE has been designed to fit seamlessly into existing mobile and studio systems.

Multi synced video capture (planned for future support)

The FT-ONE supports synced shooting using multiple cameras. Synced camera mode is perfect for recording and playback, e. g., when covering the same subject with multiple cameras, or using two cameras in a 3D rig. In high-speed acquisition, the slightest discrepancy in timing is very noticeable, which makes synced shooting and playback a key feature.

Model with Fiber-Optic Connectivity


The FT-ONE may be impressive, but the FT-ONE-OPT goes the extra mile by carrying camera signals much farther via optical cable. Used with the optional FT-1BS base station, the camera can be used in live outdoor coverage, in a studio setup, or in other applications requiring long-distance transmission.


  • Can power the FT-ONE-OPT (max. distance: 1 km)
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • Also carries genlock signals
  • Intercom for broadcast scenarios or emergencies
  • Switchable output: VF OUT, RET 1/2


SSD Cartridge


Transfer material recorded on the FT-ONE to an SSD cartridge. One FT-ONE2T cartridge holds up to 84 seconds of material. An economical cartridge with half the capacity is also available: FT-ONE-1TL.* The FT-ONE accommodates two cartridges which can hold nearly 3 minutes of material in all. Switch the hot-swappable cartridges as needed when shooting.
* Not suitable for real-time playback, due to low frame rates.


SSD compartment
(left side of the camera)


SSD Cartridge (FT-ONE2T)


4K extraction system

The "Spot zoom" feature, which extracts HD frames from 4K footage, is gaining acclaim as an instrument that allows 4K footage to be utilized within HD content, especially in sports applications. Developed by FOR-A to fulfill market requirements for this spot zoom feature, the 4K extraction system with touch panel operation offers intuitive ease-of-use functions, such as when adjusting zoom magnification and designating extraction parameters. Operating with the FT-ONE, you can specify IN/OUT and midpoint view angles for slow motion replay from the touch panel. The 4K extraction system allows pinpoint zoom-ups of super slow motion replays and the creation of remarkable scenes.

  • Extract HD (1080i or 720p) output from QFHD (1080p × 4) input
  • Isolate and enlarge the action in scenes
  • Easy touchscreen-based framing and extraction
  • Smoothly zoom in or out
  • Compatible with FT-ONE high-speed 4K cameras
      · Simulate dynamic and flowing camerawork by setting desired replay extraction points and frame sizes
      · Perfect for capturing the excitement by zooming in to the action in slow-motion replays
  • Includes an embedded audio delay processor (16 channel)

Award wining: TVB Europe "Best of IBC 2013"

Cartridge Docking Station


This option provides USB 3.0 connectivity between the FT-ONE SSD Cartridge (FT-ONE2T or others) and a computer.

  • Copy material from the SSD cartridge directly to storage on the computer or to an attached HDD or SSD
  • Easy computer-based playback of material on the SSD cartridge
  • Can be used outdoors when powered via the IDX battery mount

Remote control unit


Remote control to streamline FT-ONE setup. Includes dedicated recording and playback buttons, as well as a rotary encoder and touchpanel for a range of settings. Facilitates camera setup, recording, and playback. A playback controller with a fader control and rotary encoder is also available: FT-1RUA.

Remote control panel


Real-time remote image adjustment for FT-ONE material. Efficient, intuitive adjustment via dedicated buttons for iris, pedestal, gain, and other settings. In conjunction with the FT-1RU, offers powerful support for FT-ONE cameras. An additional remote control panel equipped with a dial control for iris adjustment is also available: FT-1RCP-J.

DPX Converter


Converts 12-bit RAW data on the FT-ONE SSD cartridge to a common file format for editing or color grading purposes.




FT-1READ screen



Camera Section Sensor
Effective resolution
4096 × 2304 (4096 × 2160 DCI-compliant)
Sensor size
Super 35 mm-equivalent
Color filter
RGB Bayer
Shutter mechanism
Global shutter
Color depth
ISO 640
Dynamic range
Shutter speed
1/frame rate to 1/50,000 sec.
Lens mount
PL mount
Recording Section Frame rate/recording time
See table below
1 to 16 spaces
Trigger method
Pre-roll function: Adjustable playback position
Trigger signal input
Buttons on camera, remote control
SSD Cartridge
Approx. 2 TB (accepts two 2 TB cartridges, for a total of 4 TB)
Recording time
Equivalent to 84 sec. of RAW material per cartridge at 900 FPS
Transfer from internal memory
1,000 frames in approx. 45 sec.
Cartridge switching
Hot-swappable (unused cartridge only)
Video settings Gain
Digital gain: 0dB, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 30dB, 36dB, 42dB
Analog gain: 0dB, 3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB
White balance
PRESET:3200K, 5600K, 6500K, 9300K
AUTO WHITE: Semiautomatic correction, by shooting a white subject
USER A / USER B: User profiles A/B
Black level set via R, G, B, Master
Linear matrix color correction
RG, RB, GR, GB, BR, and BG
12-axis color correction
R, R-Ye, Ye, Ye-G, G, G-Cy, Cy, Cy-B, B, B-Mg, Mg, and Mg-R
γ1, γ0.45, γ0.50, HDTV, CINEMA
Knee point and Knee slope setting
On/Off, horizontal (H), vertical (V), Coring
Video Output 4K video output
3G-SDI (Level-A) × 4 (quad output of 3840 x 2160 video signals)
Output formats: 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
VF/auxiliary output
HD-SDI x 2 (VF output x 1, AUX output x 1)
(Downconverted signals of 4K material, with menus and markers layered on VF output)
HD-SDI x 2 (VF output x 1 (selectable from VF, RET1, or RET2), AUX output x 1)
Output formats: 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i
Return output - HD-SDI × 2 (RET 1, RET 2)*1
Genlock input
BB: NTSC: 0.429 Vp-p / PAL: 0.45 Vp-p or Tri-sync: ±0.3 Vp-p x 1
Genlock modes
Internal or external sync (BB or Tri-sync)
External Interfaces Ethernet
10/100/1000Base-T/TX x 1 (for remote control unit)
Iris control
12-pin D-sub (female), manual/auto (auto control will be supported in the future)
Multi synced shooting/playback
Supported with a coax cable (5C-FB) (to be supported in the future)
GPI-OUT - Terminal (R, G TALLY)
Intercom - 2 channels (Clear-Com, RTS, 2W, 4W)
General Specifications Temperature
0°C to 40°C
30% to 85% (no condensation)
+12 V DC to +17 V DC (battery or external power supply)
+ 17 V DC (dedicated external power supply)/+ 17 V DC (supplied by base station)
Power consumption
Approx. 160 W (Full option: 180 W)
232 (W) x 294 (H) x 393 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
232 (W) × 294 (H) × 487 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)
7.5 kg (fully equipped with options: 8.6 kg)
Other Specifications Accessories
Operation manual, dedicated AC adapter
FT-1RU/FT-1RUA Remote Control Unit
FT-1RCP/FT-1RCP-J Remote Control Panel
FT-ONE2T SSD cartridge (approx. 2 TB), FT-ONE-1TL Lowcost SSD cartridge (approx.1 TB)
FT-1CDS Cartridge Docking Station
FT-1READ RAW→DPX converter
- FT-1BS Fiber-Optic Base Station

*1 available when the FT-1BS is connected

Frame Rate / Recording Time

Recording Frame Rate Recording Time
24 fps 352.5 sec.
60 fps 141.7 sec.
120 fps 70.8 sec.
180 fps 47.2 sec.
240 fps 35.4 sec.
300 fps 28.3 sec.
360 fps 23.6 sec.
420 fps 20.2 sec.
Recording Frame Rate Recording Time
480 fps 17.7 sec.
540 fps 15.7 sec.
600 fps 14.2 sec.
720 fps 11.8 sec.
760 fps 11.2 sec.
780 fps 10.9 sec.
860 fps 9.8 sec.
900 fps* 9.4 sec.

fps: frames per second
Resolution: 4096 x 2304 (4096 x 2160 at some frame rates)
* to be supported in the future



High Resolution Photos

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