FOR-A and Aveco Combine Production Automation with Switchers, Servers, and Graphics in “Game-Changing” Alliance

Leading Video Tech Providers Enter Alliance to Provide Best-of-Breed Solutions in Cost-Effective and Intuitive Package

FOR-A and Aveco Combine Production Automation

Cypress CA, February 15, 2023 – FOR-A and automation provider Aveco have entered a strategic alliance to provide best-in-breed video production, automation, and asset management within one easy-to-use and cost effective solution. FOR-A HVS Series production switchers, Insight video servers and ClassX graphics systems are now tightly integrated with Aveco ASTRA Studio production automation and GEMINI media management systems in a powerful package targeting broadcasters - particularly mid-sized, small-market and public stations. The alliance reflects the companies' long-shared, customer-first focus that places top priority on affordability and ease of use.

"We've been recommending FOR-A HVS Series switchers all over the world for years now," said Jim O'Brien, Aveco President. "They've got incredible horsepower and performance at a price point no other vendor can match. We're looking forward to adding ClassX graphics and Insight servers into our combined solution. FOR-A's high-powered production capability and reputation for reliability together with our production and MAM makes for a very competitive and inclusive bundle for smaller and mid-market TV stations. Having this level of technical sophistication within an affordable and easy-to-use system is a game changer. We anticipate a very successful alliance with FOR-A."

ASTRA Studio is a fully automated studio production system and the industry's only multi-studio production automation design. Within ASTRA, a rundown can be moved from one studio to another with the push of a button. This includes all settings for the production switcher, graphics, virtual set/physical set, monitor walls, camera robotics, video roll-ins, audio, lighting etc. ASTRA Studio is integrated with ASTRA MCR so both PCR and MCR automation are in the same system, eliminating "blips of black" or upcuts between these two parts of broadcast operation. Both also work closely with Aveco's GEMINI MAM, a browser-based system that manages assets from acquisition through post for live production, playout, and archiving. ASTRA Studio also integrates with the NRCS (Newsroom Computer System) via MOS (Media Object Servers) and plug-ins to streamline news production workflows.

"The versatility and feature set of Aveco's system are ideal for late-breaking news applications," said Satoshi Kanemura, President, FOR-A Americas. "They've thought of every condition that may occur during a live newscast and included a solution. It's an elegant technology that fits perfectly within our ecosystem. The combined capabilities of Aveco and FOR-A are unbeatable. Competitive products are far less customizable, much more complicated, and expensive."

FOR-A's workhorse switcher, the compact 2 M/E HVS-490, supports 40 inputs/18 outputs, 36 inputs/20 outputs or 32 inputs/22 outputs, including two-channel HDMI outputs with optional I/O expansion cards. In 4K, it allows 10 inputs/six outputs, nine inputs/six outputs or eight inputs/seven outputs. It also has 8 channels of 2.5 DVE as standard and can be optionally expanded to a maximum of 16 channels. FOR-A's MELite technology extends the switcher's 2 M/Es to 6 M/E performance. MELite is the building block for more easy-to-use features of the HVS-490, such as upstream and downstream transition effects. "The price to performance ratio with the entire HVS Series is unlike any others in the market," added O'Brien.

In 2019, Aveco won the IBC Innovation Award in the Content Everywhere category along with Ramoji Group's ETV Bharat, India. Aveco's production and MCR "NewsWheel" automation drive 24 studios and 24 full time news channels in 13 languages. The system ties in 5,000 reporters for one of the world's most innovative news organization.

*Available in the USA and certain regions.

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The versatility and features of Aveco and FOR-A integrated products are ideal for late-breaking news with no need for add-ons and extra licensing over time, and the ease-of-use and affordability for small to mid-sized stations is unmatched.

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