32 in/5 out Multiviewer

New Compact FOR-A MV-3240
12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI Multiviewer

Delivers a One-Touch Solution for Changing Multiple Screen Layouts – a First in the Industry

Compact,  1 RU-sized multiviewer supports up to 32 inputs for 3G/HD/SD-SDI (with future support for up to 16 inputs for 12G/6G-SDI), as well as four outputs for 3G/HD-SDI or one output for 12G-SDI, and one HDMI output.

Users can freely create up to 25 windows for one 4K or up to 40 windows for four 2K images, resizing them from HD to 4K and from 4K to 2K. The built-in layout manager makes it easy to customize layouts, as well as adjust image size, aspect ratio, and position, then store the settings on the multiviewer for later recall with the simple push of a button.

The integrated M-JPEG streaming output is simple to monitor outside the control room from any web-enabled device.

One-Touch Solution for Changing Multiple Screen Layouts
Perfect for sports/live production, broadcasting stations, and mobile productions

Using several MV-3240 with FOR-A GearLink Integrated Control Software in a  workflow, operators do not need to change the layout of each multiviewer individually.

With customizable screen layouts and buttons, all multiviewers can be preset to the same screen layout with a single touch, delivering a bird’s-eye view of workflows and convenient visual control of the multiviewer, video switcher, cameras, routing switcher, clip server, character generator, and other signals.

FOR-A MV-3240 multiviewer GearLink integrated control software

With the capability to instantly change the layout, the compact, versatile MV-3240 and GearLink integrated control software is a perfect solution for sports/live production, broadcasting stations, and mobile productions.

Layout Manager and On-Screen Monitoring

Customizes layouts, using Windows® software to adjust image size, position, title display, and other settings.

  • Store layouts on the viewer.

  • Recall saved layouts directly from the front panel control.
  • Logo display in title areas: Store and display 4 logos.
  • Tally, Title, and Timecode Display.
  • Time of day, Timer, and Information Display.
  • Can display time based on a 30-hour clock.
  • Registers up to 24 schedule timers per day for one week.
MV-3240 layoutmanager

M-JPEG Stream Output and Cropping

An integrated M-JPEG streaming video output serves as a simple way to monitor signals outside of the control room, with users accessing the signal from any web-enabled device.

Dedicated App for Windows®:
  • Monitor the M-JPEG streaming output on a Windows app.
  • Alarm recording allows footage to be stored on a PC HDD and reviewed when error occurs.

  • Specify areas to crop in pixels or by percent.

  • Background image is shown outside cropped areas.
  • Aspect ratio maintained after partial cropping.
MV-3240 liveviewer

12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI support

  • Inputs:Up to 32 inputs for 3G/HD/SD-SDI (including up to 16 inputs for 12G/6G-SDI*1.)
  • Outputs:4 outputs for 3G/HD-SDI or 1 output for 12G-SDI and 1 HDMI output*2.
  • Expandable number of inputs with low latency thanks to a cascaded connection.
  • Freely layout up to 25 windows for one 4K or up to 40 windows for four 2K signals.

*1 Optional, 2 MV-1640SDI-12G are required to support 16 12G/6G-SDI inputs, to be supported.   
*2 HDMI outputs same video as SDI output

Other Features

  • Resize from HD to 4K and from 4K to 2K.
  • Audio Level Display & Audio Monitoring Output.
  • Supports external interfaces and control protocols (including monitoring), SNMP function.
  • Detects frozen frames (Y/C and Y only).
  • View error logs or user text in the Information Display.
  • Flashing borders or error icons/messages to identify screens with errors.
  • Pre-alarm recording allows footage to be stored on PC HDD and reviewed.
FOR-A 12G Multiviewer
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