New FOR-A IP Multi viewer Monitors Hybrid Production Workflows

Cloud-based workflows are a hot topic in the professional video industry, but few facilities are actually ready (or willing) to make the jump to a completely virtual production. However, many operations have embraced the use of IP-based video sources, such as videoconferencing feeds, in addition to traditional baseband video feeds. FOR-A’s new MV-1640IP multi viewer is designed to handle both, with support for up to 32 inputs (16 IP and 16 SDI) and five monitor outputs.

Supports SMPTE ST 2110

Compatible with 10GbE and 25GbE environments, the MV-1640IP supports the SMPTE ST 2110 standard for IP-based video distribution that is used in broadcast and distribution facilities. It can input 16 streams of SMPTE ST 2110-10/20/30/40 HD video via one port – and by using two SFP+ connectors, it can support the redundant environment of SMPTE ST 2022-7. The MV-1640IP uses NMOS for stream switching.

Up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs for hybrid IP/SDI operations

An optional SDI input card enables the MV-1640IP to receive up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs for hybrid IP/SDI operations. Cascading input is also supported, so multiple multi viewers and displays can be combined into more than 16 IP sources. With the optional interface board, the MV-1640IP also supports GPI I/O, LTC input, and reference input. Outputs include one 12G/3G/HD-SDI and three 3G/HD-SDI output terminals (that can be used for one 4K or four HD outputs), plus one HDMI output.

Live-view function

With its live-view function, the MV-1640IP allows users to monitor its output video from any web-enabled device, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The M-JPEG streaming output serves as a simple way to monitor input signals outside of the control room. Plus, with a standard attached application for Windows, pre-alarm recording is possible on Windows-based computers, so footage can be stored and reviewed.

Brings baseband functionality to IP-based workflows

The MV-1640IP provides a reliable multi viewer for IP-based workflows with the familiar tools and intuitive control of a traditional baseband unit. An integrated layout manager allows custom layouts, and saved layouts can be recalled directly from the unit’s front control panel. Other features include tally, title, and time code display, as well as time, timer, 30-hour clock, and information display. The MV-1640IP includes logo display in title areas, and can store four logo images. Audio level display and audio monitoring output are also supported. Plus, flashing borders or error icons help to identify screens with errors. SNMP protocol support is standard for monitoring.

If you’re ready to move toward a hybrid production environment, make sure you can monitor all your IP and SDI sources reliably. Schedule your FOR-A multi viewer demo here.

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