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1.5M/E Video Production Switcher


VPS-715 is a 1.5M/E analog/digital mixed video switcher. The VPS-715 features the same functions and concept of the VPS-700 in a 1.5M/E configuration. The easy-to-use control panel and various functions enable efficient operation.

Multi Layer & Multi DVE

All inputs have independent 2D DVEs (option), making it equivalent to a monstrous 32-channel DVE.
Mix/Effect (M/E) transitions are combined by two independent pre-combiners, and two-channel combined outputs can be assigned to the PGM and PST buses. This means that all videos that are input to the switcher can be combined and displayed at one time. This video representation delivers dramatic impact unattainable with previous video switchers.

Analog/Digital Mixed Switcher

All inputs in the VPS-715 include a frame synchronizer (FS) that enables asynchronous input. It also features a freeze frame function using FS memory and still store, can display video captured by M/E as still video for each input, and can display CG images that were created elsewhere. Basic input includes eight SD-SDI channels, and SDI input or analog input are also available as an option. As a digital/analog mixed switcher, the VPS-715 supports expansion up to 16 inputs. Basic output provides a total of eight channels: two PGM channels, PREV, Clean, M/E PGM, M/E PREV, and two AUX channels. Available options include eight SDI outputs (in four-output units) or four analog outputs (in two-output units for composite). The PREV and Clean output channels can also be used as KEY OUT, and the AUX outputs including the additional outputs can be freely assigned for enabling output of the required video from a selected terminal.

1.5M/E Bus

The VPS-715 incorporates an Mix/Effect (M/E) bus that enables cut, mix, wipe, and DVE transitions. A Program/Preview (P/P) bus is also included for allowing cut and mix transitions in later stages.

Compact Main Unit

The main unit includes up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs, FS function, still stores, Proc Amp, clip function, DVEs, keyers, and a variety of other functions all in a 3 RU-size unit. Support for a redundant power supply is also standard in the main unit and control panel of VPS-715.

Input DVE Card (Pre-combiner)

2D DVE functions are added to all 16 inputs. The position, size and rotation of each input can be adjusted, borders can be added, and the transparency can be set. The input DVE card has a pre-combiner function where inputs can be assigned as an M/E bus or key source. Also, up to 2 cards can be installed for enabling transitions to another image from each card's combined output image.

Flash Recorder Function

VPS-70FR flash recorder card (option) can be used to enable recording and playback of uncompressed SD video. Up to two cards can be installed (the slot is shared with the VPS-70DS). A single card enables a maximum recording time of 120 seconds and simultaneous playback of video with key channel for two channels. Various types of playback are also supported, including regular playback, reverse playback, loop control, and trigger control. In addition, recorded video is stored in memory so that it remains saved even when the power is turned off. This eliminates the need to reload at each startup.

Proc Amp / Clip Function

A process amplifier and white clip function are provided for each input as standard. This enables levels and other adjustments within the switcher without the need for peripherals.

Powerful Still Store Functions

A standard FS memory is used in the VPS-715 video input for enabling freezing of video. In addition, captured images and CG images saved to the internal storage can be assigned to two M/E bus buttons as still images separate from the input video.

6 Keyers

6 keyers are available in the standard configuration, and 4 keyers can select from cut, mix, wipe, and DVE transitions. The 2 DSKs enable cut and mix transitions. All keyers incorporate chroma keys using the 4:4:4 process and can perform masking with wipe patterns, edge and shadow effects, and key channel effects with assigned DVEs.

16-Button Control Panel

The control panel was designed for optimal ease of operation with 16 bus buttons, direct access buttons for various functions, a 3-axis joystick, parameter display, and other controls arranged in an easy-to-use layout. A convenient touch panel controller (option) is also available.

6-channel 3D DVEs

In addition to the DVEs provided for each input channel, the VPS-715 also provides 6-channel Basic 3D DVEs. The addition of a 3D warp module option enables usage of Ripple, Swirl, Slats, Page Turn and a wide variety of other warp effects and a total of 12 lighting effects. The result when combined with the input DVEs will even surpass your imagination.

Other Features

  • 4 matte generator
  • USB 1.1 port on operation unit for support of memory devices (up to 2GB)
  • 100 patterns of sequences containing 31 settable key frames
  • 96-event memory and 8 pages x 12 direct buttons
  • 3-serial port for control and other operations from an editing device
  • Free assignment of 8 GPI inputs and 24 tally outputs
  • 3RU Compact Main unit


  • VPS-70SDI: 4-input SD-SDI Expansion Card
  • VPS-70AI: 2-Input Analog Video Expansion Card
  • VPS-70SDO: 4-output SD-SDI Expansion Card
  • VPS-70AO: 2-Output Analog Video Expansion Card
  • VPS-70DS: Input DVE Card (Pre-combiner)
  • VPS-70FR: Flash Recorder Card
  • VPS-70WARP: DVE Warp Engine Module
  • VPS-70DPUIF: Touch Panel Display Interface
  • VPS-70DPUA: Touch Panel Display Unit
  • HVS-AUX16: 16-button AUX control panel
  • HVS-AUXRK: AUX panel extension kit