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SDI Changeover Switch


Peace of Mind Increasing SDI circuit reliability

This is a modular-type SDI changeover switcher that can be mounted in a UFM frame. Seamless automatic switching of 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals increases duplex transmission reliability.

This SDI seamless switcher duplicates the uncompressed SDI signal over a fiber-optic line and monitors the SDI signals of 2 systems decoded after duplex transmission, and switches seamlessly to the other line when signal loss, video freeze, audio mute or other errors are detected.

Mounting multiple switchers into a single unit greatly reduces the installation space.

Downsizing can be achieved by equipping multiple modules to a single UFM frame. Up to five modules can be equipped to the UF-106B, and up to nine modules to the UF-112. In addition, different module types can also be simultaneously equipped.

  • Video error monitoring function
  • Audio error monitoring function
  • Delay adjustment function
  • Frame synchronizer (FS) function
  • Supports 8 ch audio
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • SDI signal pass-through function
  • Supports 3G*, SD and HD
  • GUI

Examples of Downsizing in Duplex Transmission