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Frame Synchronizer


UFM-30FS/UFM-30FS-R/UFM-30FS-DA are plug-in modules that can be installed to a UFM frame(UF-106A,UF-106B and UF-112) and have been specially developed as an HD/SD-SDI-supported frame / line synchronizer system using the latest digital technology. Its frame synchronization function can adjust phases and synchronize asynchronous SDI signals to genlock signals. Delay insertion is also supported. Remote control over a network is also available using the UFM-30CTL or UF-NETRU.

UFM-30FS (Standard Model)

  • HD/SD SDI 2 inputs (manual or auto input switching)
  • UFM-30FS/30FS-R input switching enables noiseless video and audio changeover
  • Automatic muting for detected audio errors
  • H/V ancillary data pass-through (source-synchronous input only)
  • Proc Amp, Video Clip, Video Delay Adjustment (up to 10 frames), and Freeze functions
  • 16-channel Embedded Audio support (asynchronous audio for HD-SDI)
  • 16-channel Audio SRC (Sample Rate Converter)
  • Audio Delay Adjustment for each channel (up to 1,000 ms), and Audio Channel Remapping
  • Audio Downmixing in UFM-30FS/30FS-R (linear PCM audio only)

UFM-30FS-R (Relay Bypass mount model)

  • HD/SD SDI 2-Input (manual or auto input switching)/1-synchronizer/3-Output
  • Relay bypass function

UFM-30FS-DA (Audio Embedder / De-embedder mount model)

  • HD/SD SDI 1-Input/1-Output
  • AES/EBU 4-Input (8-channel) or AES/EBU 4-Output (8-channel) selectable
  • If AES/EBU 4-Input selected: 16 re-embedded channels selectable from 24 channels including 8 AES/EBU and 16 SDI embedded audio channels.
  • If AES/EBU 4-Output selected: 8 channels for AES/EBU output selectable from 16 channels of SDI embedded audio.