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Network Control Module


An interface card enabling SNMP or web browser-based monitoring and control of each module installed on UF-106B and UF-112 frames.

Control GUI Image

  • Can be installed to a UF-106B slot and to the dedicated UF-112 slot.
  • Provides independent Ethernet interfaces for both SNMP and web browsers
  • Enables monitoring and control of each module on the frame from a web browser control screen
  • Enables monitoring of each module and UFM frame (power source, fan alarm and temperature irregularities) by SNMP
    *UFM-30CTL compatible modules: UFM-30FS, 30FS-R, 30FS-DA, 30DDA, 3DDAEX, 30UDC, 30DCC, 15VEA, 15/18VDA and 14/18ADA
  • Connecting remote control unit UF-NETRU, DCC-NETOU enables various types of control over networks
    *UF-NETRU compatible modules: UFM-30FS, 30FS-R and 30FS-DA, 30UDC
    *DCC-NETOU compatible modules: UFM-30DCC