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Marker-less Tracking Sensor


Marker-less tracking sensor MTS-100

  • Detects positional information of reference points via image recognition
  • Enables CG composition following camera pan/tilt/zoom functions without using mechanical sensors
  • Supports all existing camera and lens types
  • Able to composite CGs into live broadcasting, aerial shooting, special effects shooting and live camera footage in real time
  • Multi-Target tracking: Able to register and track multiple targets simultaneously
  • Stable tracking
  • Low delay: Less than 2 frame-delay

Simple Operation

1. Shoot and pre-register auto-recognized feature points

2. Adjusting original CG points

3. Mask parts to be left out from recognition areas

  • These photos are enhanced for clarity feature points.

Before CG composition

After CG composition

MTS-100 Sample Video

Technology of markerless tracking sensor enables sophisticated video production, for example CG composition into aerial shooting.
Material Courtesy of TV Asahi Corporation