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IP Streamer for File-Based Production


IP streaming with codec support for file-based workflows. Saves input data without recompression to MXFiles.

  • Encodes HD-SDI signals for output to two channels of compressed IP streams. Sets up to two destinations per channel.
  • Decodes IP input streams for output as HD-SDI signals and conversion to MXF files without recompression. MXF les can be played in NLE software as they are created.
  • Supports H.264 High 422 Intra.
  • Auto-correction of dropped packets through FEC redundancy, following SMPTE ST 2022-1/2.

Three modes of operation

Live playback and setting conguration in a GUI

  • Save MXF files while you watch live playback of IP streams.
  • Copy to EditShare™ or other network storage while saving
  • FEC (SMPTE 2022-1) settings

System Configurations

Rear Panel