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Multi Viewer


4 split-screen system supporting mixed input of DVI (digital and analog RGB) and analog composite signals. High-resolution video output using a DVI terminal is included as standard. Supports user-created patterns.


  • Support for mixed input of DVI (digital and analog RGB) (used for computer monitor output) and analog composite signals (the commonly used video signal) (asynchronous input is possible)
  • Provides a total of eight channels of input: four digital/analog RGB signal channels with the DVI-I connector, and four analog composite channels
  • *Number of channels capable of simultaneous display: four channels
  • RGB output with DVI-I connector is provided as standard for enabling easy usage on large screens and computer monitors
  • High-resolution output: Maximum output resolution is WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixels). Even with split screen, each channel's video can be monitored at high resolution.
  • Layout editor comes standard: The user can freely make changes to the split-screen layout pattern from a computer
  • A title can be displayed for each channel (alphanumeric characters, symbols)
  • An analog and digital clock can be displayed for the time display function