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Analog Video High Resolution Multi Viewer (16-Split)


With the MV-1600, you can view video feeds from up to 16 sources on a single monitor. In addition to regular video output, the MV-1600 also supports SXGA high-resolution output and remote monitoring a network as standard features.

  • Input of up to 16 asynchronous composite signals (color, B/W)
  • Loop-through input terminals support system expansion
  • 2 analog composite outputs: Full screen, 4-split screen, or 16-split screen can be displayed.
  • SXGA (1280 x 1024) high-resolution output: Full screen, 4-split screen, 9-split screen1, or 16-split screen is available.
  • Network video transfer function: Monitoring video can be transferred over network at a maximum transfer rate of 60 fps2
  • Title display function: Up to 8 characters per channel (up to 6 characters in composite output) (alphanumeric characters, symbols)
  • Automatic switching function: Enables automatic switching between full screen and split-screen displays
  • External alarm input/output terminal: Enables alarm-linked display
  • Includes dedicated software package enabling viewer functions and settings and control over a LAN connection
  • Enables control using a parallel remote connection and RS-232C interface
  • Security system with ID and password incorporated
  • Multicast mode allows each PC to control images remotely.
  • 1: The screen size for each channel in 9-split screen is identical to the size for the 16-split screen.
  • 2: Factors such as the transferred video, JPEG compression rate, connected PC, and/or network environment way not allow the 60 fps maximum transfer rate to be attained.