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File-based Total Solution (Media Management System)


Total solutions for a file-based era

MediaConcierge™ is the collective name for FOR-A's media management systems that have been developed for content management services in the video industry. In addition to common MPEG1/2/4 and H.264 compression standards, MediaConcierge™ also supports tapeless media files such as DVCPRO and XDCAM, and computer media files such as Windows Media Video and Quick Time, making it compatible with a wide range of manufacturers and various file formats. This is the most significant feature of the FOR-A system. Of course, our system also supports regular HD/SD-SDI video signals. Support for diverse file formats is useless unless the data can also be output in diverse file formats. MediaConcierge™ is a powerful, comprehensive system that not only performs the unified management of content, but is also packaged with the file conversion functions that are required for subsequent processes. Today, a single content item can offer numerous business opportunities through various channels, such as television broadcasting, internet delivery and packaged media. To help you make the most of these opportunities, MediaConcierge™ offers you support in constructing a repurposing (secondary usage) system that converts files of a single piece of source data to the optimum format for various different operational configurations.

Filebased Workflow of MediaConceirge™


  • MBP-100SX/110SXA/100PD: Baseband converters
  • TS line recording
  • MCI-100: Ingest software
  • Meta data registration
  • Quality Control


  • Links with non-linear editing systems


  • Workflow Manager: Workflow management software
  • MediaConcierge Center: Material management software


  • MBP-100SX/110SXA/100PD: Clip server
  • MBP-100MP: Multi-format player


  • LTR-100HS/120HS: LTO-5 video archive recorder
  • LTR Browser


  • Prism system: Real-time network distribution system for on-air video