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HD/SD Video Stabilizer


An HD/SD multi bit rate digital video stabilizer, the IVS-700HS uses a moving image processor to electrically correct shaky camera images, with the ability to correct only the unintentional instability, while maintaining pan and tilt movements of the camera. The IVS-700HS can also correct unsteadiness on recorded VCR tapes.

  • Real time correction of unsteady images is possible.
  • Pan and Tilt movements are automatically identified, correcting only unintentional unsteadiness.
  • Correction can be realized not only for live images but for images already recorded on VCR tapes.
  • Severe vertical or horizontal shaking, up to 40% of the screen, can be corrected.
  • Correction accuracy measurable in sub-pixels is achieved.
  • Easy system integration.
  • HD-SDI and SD-SDI format switchable.
  • Ideal for news and sports gathering, and for camera systems utilizing zoom lenses over 300 mm
    (i.e. weather, traffic surveillance cameras).