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Time Lag Checker


This equipment can measure the video delay time, audio delay time, difference between audio channels and difference between video and audio using test time code (heereafter called TTC) signals.


  • Generates TTC signals whose phases are the same as those of video, audio or VANC signals and outputs them as video, audio or VANC.
  • Measures video and audio delay time by routing video and audio signals back to Time Lag Checkers through the desired devices and lines, and by comparing the time from output to input (return). Also measures video and audio delay time of devices or lines by comparing phases of TTC signals that are routed back to Checkers.
  • Estimates delay time in long distance with GPS using two Time Lag Checkers.
  • HD/SD multi-format support
  • Long Distance Delay Measurements
  • Various Measurement Modes
  • Measurement Log Output
  • High Accuracy Measurements
  • Multiplexing TTC onto Input Video Signals
  • Difference Measurements between Video and VANC
  • Built-in High Precision Clock(synchronized by GPS)