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Digital Color Corrector


This is a digital color corrector that supports analog composite or SD-SDI input and output signals. It comes with a broad spectrum of functions ranging from the color correction of signals to various clip functions.

  • Analog composite or SD-SDI input and output signals supported
  • A-to-D or D-to-A conversion function also available
  • Varied color correction functions (Balanced, Differential and Sepia modes)
  • Proc Amp functions provided (video level, chroma level, chroma phase, setup level)
  • Gamma adjustment functions (independent adjustment of G, B and R signals, high/mid/dark tone adjustment)
  • Function for dividing the screen into sections to make it easier to compare and check the images before and after correction
  • Control of up to four units enabled using the DCC-OU remote control unit (option)