Micro LED Panels and AlfaArt Combine the Best Digital Art with the Latest LED Display Technology in Easy-to-Use Solution

FOR-A Highlights Turnkey LED Video Wall System from Strategic Partner Alfalite at Infocomm 2024

AlfaArt at InfoComm2024

Cypress, CA, May 28 2024 –At InfoComm 2024 this year, FOR-A will show an all-in-one LED video wall system designed for large-format art display within corporations, government agencies, universities, entertainment venues, shopping malls, and hotels. FOR-A is the exclusive U.S. partner of the Spanish LED display manufacturer, Alfalite, known for its unparalleled brightness and color fidelity. FOR-A represents Alfalite in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia.

Alfalite will showcase their Litepix ORIM LED panels for rental companies, as well as the UHD Finepix AlfaCOB solution for critical mission environments in control rooms, boardrooms, broadcast, and VP XR settings.

Also, Alfalite recently teamed up with digital artist César Yagüe to create AlfaArt - an all-in-one solution consisting of a UHD Finepix LED wall with state-of-the-art media players and moving ambient artwork that transforms entire walls into living canvases.

"The combination of AlfaArt and the design of Alfalite display panels, makes it easy to implement the most spectacular digital artwork in your facility," said Satoshi Kanemura, President, FOR-A America. "It’s a total solution brimming with next-generation technology. The 175-degree viewing angle and precise nature of the 16:9 aspect ratio panel design produces video walls that achieve the highest levels of performance. Displaying the incredible artwork from César Yagüe on those walls creates an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. We can’t wait to show it to our colleagues at InfoComm."

Luis Garrido, executive director at Alfalite, explained the new system this way: "We fill an unmet need in the marketplace, providing simplicity and perfection beyond what any traditional art gallery or platform can provide. The opportunity lies in capturing the imagination of those looking to redesign their space with an avant-garde spirit and exquisite aesthetic, making it possible with a simple and complete solution."

With its 16:9 aspect ratio, the UHD Finepix panel easily replaces a conventional TV display wall. Front and rear access for modular and power supply replacement simplify installation and maintenance. It also provides low power consumption with durability of over 100,000 hours. UHD Finepix panels are now available with either MIP (Micro LED in Package) or COB (Chip on Board) construction. Both types come standard with Alfalite’s ORIM (Optical Injection Resin Module) technology. Both provide a 175-degree viewing angle with perfect precision, dissipation and antistatic properties, and no color degradation.

FOR-A has been a strategic partner of Alfalite since April of last year, integrating Alfalite panels with FOR-A video switchers, signal processors, camera tracking, routers, and XR systems as part of a live video production ecosystem. Alfalite customers in the U.S. include live event specialist White Tie Productions, with offices in Phoenix and Orlando, and The Church at Rock Creek in Little Rock, AK.

FOR-A will be located at booth #W2821 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas during the InfoComm show, which runs from June 12-14. Click here and book a meeting at InfoComm 2024 with FOR-A.

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