Exploring the Versatility of the FA-1616 Multi-Channel Processor 

The FA-1616 represents a significant advancement in multi-channel processing technology, boasting a wide array of interfaces and functionalities that cater to diverse needs in the realm of digital media processing. This state-of-the-art processor integrates seamlessly with various interface standards, including SDI, IP, and prominent audio interfaces like MADI and Dante. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for various applications in media production and broadcasting. 

Key Functionalities and Applications

IP Gateway and Conversion Capabilities 

FA-1616 IP Gateway

One of the notable features of the FA-1616 is its ability to function as an IP Gateway. This capability is not limited to simple conversion between IP and SDI. The processor also supports complex operations like up/down/cross-conversion, color correction, and other processes simultaneously. Such multifunctionality allows for free mapping between different audio interfaces, making it highly adaptable in various system setups. 

Frame Synchronization and Processing in SDI Systems 

In SDI systems, the FA-1616 shines as a 4K multi-channel frame synchronizer. Beyond frame synchronization, it can perform multiple processes, including conversion, color correction, and audio remapping across several channels. This feature is particularly useful in production facilities for converting and adjusting video with various process functions. 

SDI Interfaces Variety

The FA-1616 comes in different models, each tailored to specific needs: 

  • FA-1616HB-12G:
    Features 32 HD BNC connectors (16 in and 16 out), with half supporting up to 12G and the rest up to 3G.
  • FA-1616B-12G (To be supported):
    Offers 16 BNC connectors, each switchable between input and output, supporting up to 12G.
  • FA-1616HB-3G (To be supported):
    Equipped with 32 HDBNC connectors, all supporting up to 3G and switchable between input and output.

Additionally, the processor has four option slots for IP signals and audio option cards, including Dante and MADI. 


Advanced Audio Options and Mapping

The FA-1616’s audio options are selectable and mountable in slots A to D, offering AES, analog audio, MADI, and Dante interfaces. The audio interface is optional, but the mapping function is a standard feature. This flexibility allows for comprehensive audio channel mapping, addressing various audio processing needs. 

Software-Defined Flexibility

One of the distinguishing aspects of the FA-1616 is its software-defined nature. Users can change its configuration according to operational needs, even with the same unit. This adaptability negates the necessity for multiple processors for different tasks, as a single FA-1616 unit can cover multiple operations by switching configurations. 

Configurations and Future Expansion

The FA-1616 is available in multiple configurations, allowing users to select the most suitable setup for their needs. Current configurations include options for up/down/cross-conversion (UDC), dynamic range conversion (HDR), and gamut and dynamic range conversion using a 3D Lut. The lineup of configurations is expected to expand in the future, further enhancing the processor’s capabilities. 

FA-1616 Configuration Example


The FA-1616 multi-channel processor emerges as a powerful and versatile solution in the digital media processing industry. With its broad range of functionalities, including IP gateway capabilities, advanced audio options, and software-defined flexibility, it is poised to play a pivotal role in various fields. The processor’s adaptability to different operational needs and its future-proof design make it an invaluable asset for professionals seeking a comprehensive, all-in-one processing solution. 


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Exploring the Versatility of the FA-1616 Multi-Channel Processor
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