Elevating Event Experiences with Advanced LED Wall Technology 

White Tie Productions Selects Alfalite LED Panels

In the fast-evolving world of event production, the incorporation of LED wall technology stands out as a transformative development. This shift is not just a trend but a revolution in how visual content is delivered in both live events and studio productions. FOR-A, a company with over 50 years of experience in video broadcast technology, has strategically partnered with Alfalite, a Spanish manufacturer renowned for its high-quality LED panels. This partnership signifies a commitment to innovation, enhancing FOR-A’s system offerings and providing clients with state-of-the-art LED solutions ideal for virtual production and augmented reality applications.  


Alfalite’s LED panels, distinguishable for their 1.9mm pixel pitch and remarkable 175˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles, offer unparalleled brightness and color fidelity. These features make them exceptionally suited for a variety of applications, from broadcast and corporate events to educational settings. 

White Tie Productions, a leader in live event production, became the first company in the U.S. to utilize Alfalite LED panels, a direct result of the FOR-A/Alfalite partnership. This acquisition of 120 Alfalite Litepix Series panels demonstrates White Tie’s commitment to providing its clients with the best available video wall technology and indicates a significant shift towards advanced display technology in live event production. With 60 panels each based in their Phoenix and Orlando offices, White Tie Productions is prepared to offer these high-tech solutions to clients nationwide.   

Under the guidance of company President Ross Snyder, White Tie Productions has been utilizing these panels to create immersive live events and studio productions. Snyder acknowledges the transformative impact of this technology: “When you see an Alfalite wall in person, its unique qualities are immediately apparent. The clarity and wide viewing angle these panels provide are unlike anything else in the market.” 

The Evolution of LED Wall Usage in Productions 

The transition from conventional green screens to dynamic LED walls represents a significant shift in studio broadcast methodologies. LED walls offer richer, more immersive content, allowing producers to create visually stunning backgrounds and interactive environments. 

The post-COVID resurgence in live events has seen an increasing reliance on LED walls. These walls serve as versatile tools for displaying content, from center stage presentations to peripheral visuals, enhancing audience engagement and experience. 

Synder aptly summarizes the impact of this technology: “The key factor for LED is really the direction that the market’s going. We’ve seen a shift away from green screens to rich LED content. This LED technology is not just enhancing our studio broadcasts but also redefining live events with bright, bold experiences.” 

Selecting the Ideal LED Wall for Live Production 

Alfalite’s Cutting-Edge Technologies: 

Durability is paramount in the live event space, where equipment reliability directly impacts financial outcomes. The wide viewing angles of LED walls also play a critical role in audience engagement, especially in large venues. Synder highlights, “The robustness and nearly 180-degree viewing angle of Alfalite’s LED walls have been game-changers, ensuring our content reaches every audience member, regardless of their seating position.”   

A critical aspect of Alfalite’s technology is its patented ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module). ORIM offers a 175-degree viewing angle with perfect precision and no color degradation, contributing significantly to the durability and visual quality of the panels. Snyder praises this technology for changing how live events are produced: “The ORIM is the most unique protection method I’ve seen, enhancing both the viewing experience and the resilience of the panels.”    

Other stand-out features include enhanced heat dissipation, static electricity protection, and fire resistance. These attributes, along with the promise of upcoming product announcements, position Alfalite as the leaders in the field.  

Additionally, the ease of installation and operation of these LED walls significantly benefits event producers. Synder notes, “The quick and efficient setup of Alpha Light’s LED panels allows us to transform any space rapidly, which is vital in the fast-paced world of event production.” 

Partner Support: 

FOR-A’s partnership with Alfalite extends beyond providing LED screens. It encompasses a commitment to support their customers in exploring new realms of virtual production and augmented reality. This support ensures that the technology not only meets current needs but also adapts to future trends and requirements.  

This collaboration allows FOR-A to offer turnkey solutions in areas like remote presence, final pixel virtual production, and broadcast studios. Luis Garrido, executive director of Alfalite, highlights the shared values of both companies: “Our commitment to quality and reliability is at the core of this partnership, enhancing FOR-A’s offerings in the market.” 

White Tie Productions’ experience with FOR-A exemplifies the customer-centric approach that is central to FOR-A’s philosophy. Snyder highlights the invaluable assistance of FOR-A during the initial implementation of the LED wall: “Their presence and assistance during our first live event setup with the Alfalite panels were crucial, showcasing their dedication to customer success and product excellence.” 


The adoption of LED wall technology by White Tie Productions and others in the industry signifies a pivotal change in event production. This technology elevates the visual experience, offering audiences richer and more engaging content. As Synder observes, “LED technology isn’t just a tool; it’s an essential element in creating unforgettable experiences for our audiences.”  

The future of event production is bright and vivid, thanks to the advancements in LED wall technology. 

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White Tie Productions Selects Alfalite LED Panels
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