News Automation: 3 Ways to Drastically Reduce Costs and Licensing Webinar with FOR-A and Aveco

When breaking news happens, as important as it is to cover it, it can cause a headache for newsroom staff, particularly at smaller stations that may not have a lot of people working during the hours when an emergency comes up.

On the Newsroom Automation webinar, we talk about how automation used to get in the way of breaking news scenarios, making the situation that much more challenging.

Jim O’Brien from Aveco talks about how their automation integration is different. It can help in those scenarios, easily handling both master control and production automation within the same user interface.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, you’ll want to make time to do so for this useful information on a common misconception and much more.

On the recording, you’ll also hear about:

  • 3 of the biggest threats you’re likely facing right now
  • How to avoid endless, annoying licensing (but stay compliant)
  • Practical cost-cutting automation solutions to compete with major media conglomerates

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News Automation: FOR-A Aveco webinar
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