Yes, You Can Customize Your Server

Insight video server

We’ve built our Insight multi-channel video server to provide a flexible playout and record system that can be easily integrated to the multiple tasks of day-to-day live production. Supporting the most extensively used video codecs and with multiple configurations that include up to four 1080p channels or two UHD 12G channels, it can integrate into multiple working scenarios where a connected and interoperable server becomes an important piece of the production workflow.

Insight’s native control web interface permits several users with different profiles to operate the server at the same time while it is on air – preparing playlists, scheduling recordings, operating a subset of channels, and moving material to and from the server – which allows easy and reliable operation by control room personnel and management.

Insight Video Server 4-out
Insight Video Server 4-out wall view
4-out wall view
Insight Video Server 4-out with clips
4-out with clips
Insight Video Server 1-in/3-out and recording
1-in/3-out recording

Beyond the standard specs, though, Insight can provide functionality we haven’t even thought of yet.

When Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos, CA, wanted to record 12 channels of ISO recordings and operate the channels simultaneously, our development team developed a frame accurate, cross-server synchronization function that operates a group of channels across multiple servers as a single channel. Other customers have similar success stories. One broadcaster, for example, had its Insight customized to recognize triggers within its programming for commercial insertion. Another station uses its Insight to record network programming and delay it for local playout using the play-while-record feature.

Our ability to customize Insight is a result of our partnership with Odyssey Development, a software company based in Montevideo, Uruguay. When customers have unique workflow requests, we work with Odyssey to customize the additional features required. Features that can benefit our customer base are then added to our mainstream product, providing a continuously improved experience for our users.

We are selling more than a video server – we are delivering a customized recording and playback solution.

Through our partnership with Odyssey, we have a growing community of Insight users that experience the benefits of a system that adapts exactly to their needs and that evolves over time with the introduction of new features that come right from professional needs.

So, what special feature can we create for you? Schedule your demo here.

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Insight Video Server 4-out with clips
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