Meet the team: Fabio Varolo, Sales Manager, FOR-A Europe

meet the FOR-A team

You know when you have a guy that has to do almost everything? 

FOR-A Europe is a small but dynamic team. I am based in Milano, and I manage the sales network across Europe. I handle the marketing and exhibitions. But I am also out and about, meeting people and supporting major projects. 

I have been with the company for 13 years now, which means I have a real in-depth knowledge of our products and the company culture. We are an outward-looking business: we have always wanted to develop partnerships, to work with other top-end vendors to create the solutions for our customers. 

The broadcast industry has always relied on tailoring and customisation. In another business you would probably say “artisanal” – we handcraft solutions to meet the specific needs of the customer. 

To meet their challenge, we will put together FOR-A equipment, and maybe bring in a partner like graphics software from ClassX or a virtual set from Brainstorm. Then we need to tailor the software to create the workflows that, in turn, will allow the end user to create great content and meet broadcast deadlines. That is the part of the job that gives me the most satisfaction. 

Away from work, I love cycling. Downhill cycling in the mountains. My secret place is above Livigno, where in the summer they let you take your bike up the ski lift, then ride down, through an area they call the roller coaster. Very exhilarating, and only a little bit terrifying! 

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