Professional Video Solutions

Realizing dreams with innovative technology that both challenges new video and audio expression and improves workflows

The broadcasting and professional video industry is embarking on a new chapter in terms of both expression and business due to the shift to multi-channel broadcasting, multi-media in video and audio content, higher resolution cameras and TVs, and advancements in computer graphics. The production environment has also taken on new dimensions owing to a change to a file-based workflow for video and audio. FOR-A is seeking to carve out a new era hand-in-hand with our customers by leveraging our definitive technological capabilities backed up by actual achievements and our ability to provide flexible proposals that respond swiftly to changes in the times.

FOR-A’s new technology changing society

Development of the world’s first high-speed 4K resolution camera in preparation for an era of advanced resolution

FOR-A has led the world with the development of FT-ONE, a high-speed camera capable of super-slow-motion acquisition at full 4K resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels) up to 900 frames per second (fps). There are high expectations for application of this product in a variety of content domains that include sports link-ups, commercials and films.


FOR-A brands supporting society

FOR-A VWS systems have approximately 70% of Japan’s market share in broadcasting stations

The FOR-A VWS series of caption systems is chosen by more professionals nationwide and commands approximately 70% of domestic market share. This series handles the transition from 2D to 3D and enables captions with greater movement and impact. Its application stretches to programs that people watch every day.