Sensor-less Virtual Studio System


Virtual studio and real-time graphics control from a single workstation

Virtual camera work, without an operator, has created more dynamic opportunities for the use of xed cameras. FOR-A’s VRCAM-NX provides virtual studio and on-air graphics operation in a simple system. It also supports content production and playout control using CG templates.

Solution for both virtual studio and on-air graphics systems


  • One-touch operation: Save camera switching, subtitles, captions, scene transitions, and other scheduled actions sequentially in a playlist for easy recall
  • Save multiple events as a single action

Versatile control

  • Both on-air and queued playout from a singleplayout workstation (some rendering quality restrictions apply to queued playout)
  • Sensor-equipped camera support: Can be used as two of the four cameras.
  • Remote control units or external devices can control system and compatible with tally output (contact control)
  • Switch between and control multiple VRCAM-NX processors from a single VRCAM-NX control computer

Direct buttons

  • Use direct buttons with playlists to follow program timelines while showcasing live content by easily rearranging elements

Other features

  • Includes SmartDirect RCG template functionality
  • eLibrary CG resource (optional): Start building program sets right away with a library of more than 160 copyright-free, CG backgrounds and over approx. 80 RCG objects.
  • Supports template-based scene creation. Arrange scenes with a CG assigned to each of ve layers—foreground, background and three DSK layersVRCAM

System configuration example

System configuration

System configuration example

Virtual system solution

Camera control function

  • Up to four virtual cameras with 16 positions per camera
  • Set keyframes to move cameras along straight or curved lines. Support for using a computer gamepad*1 to create virtual camera motion path keyframes.
    *1 Planned for future support
  • Scene transitions: Cut, wipe, show/hide, walk-in,and others


  • Defocus control: Background defocus
  • Animation effects: Several methods to animates composite images
  • Link audio les (sound effects) to video effects

Scene control

  • Object editing: Edit position, size, angle, color, and texture - depending on content
  • Video wall input supported
  • Intuitive scene-building and isolation of graphics that are linked or not linked to camera movement


  • Display animated text simply by entering the text in a template
  • Add text insertion timing to playlists

Other features

  • 4K-compatible software chroma keying and layering
  • Brainstorm eStudio Ver.15 (newest version) used for graphics rendering.*2 Produces impressive graphics applying physically-based rendering (PBR) and high dynamic range (HDR)
    *2 Brainstorm license is required for real-time graphics rendering. Playout requires a Brainstorm Engine license. Playout , new graphics library creation and in-depth editing requires a Brainstorm Global license.
  • Preview the studio in GUI

On-air graphics system solution

  • A fully virtual studio that supports on-air graphics
  • Up to four virtual cameras for on-air graphics, with 16 positions per camera.