Extraction capitalizing on 4K

Even as the trend toward next-generation 4K/8K video accelerates, much production still occurs at full HD resolution. Now, besides downconverting 4K material for HD applications, it is possible to extract HD material from specified areas of high-resolution 4K sources.

With the ZE-ONE 4K extraction system from FOR-A, resolution is adjusted automatically as material is extracted from a 4K source. Resolution is reduced for areas exceeding HD resolution and vice versa, enabling extraction at optimal resolution.

What's more, you can add a combination of simulated zooming, panning, and tilting to HD material extracted from a broad 4K source. This can be done in two ways. One method is to preset an extraction area in a desired position, and then press a button to switch to the extracted area. As the preset is executed, the extraction area moves, automatically simulating panning or tilting, along with in or out zooming. Another method is to drag or pinch the area on a screen. This provides an intuitive way to move the extraction area and zoom in or out.