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Slow motion generator


*This information is as of March, 2022. All specification and contents are subject to change without prior notice.

The SMV-ONE slow-motion video visualizer is easy to use and a cost-effective alternative to standard slow-motion video systems.

Using a standard video camera, the unit enables the creation of slow-motion video while recording. It also features: play, pause, rewind, fast forward and skip back functions. It’s ideal for live sports replay or for slowing past surveillance video.



  • Generates slow-motion video using standard video camera.
  • Units provide from 2x - 4x, up to a maximum of 20x, slow motion speed.
  • Supports HD-SDI (1080i 50/59.94, 1080p 50/59.94).
  • Compact 1RU size.
  • Remote control software comes standard.
  • Remote control unit is also available(Optional).

Video generation

  • Virtual images are generated by SMV-ONE.
  • Interpolation between source frames enables smooth slow-motion video.

System diagram

  • Only one HD-SDI cable is required to connect camera and SMV-ONE unit.
  • Connect using dedicated remote control unit or via remote control software. 
  • Dedicated camera or server are not required.

Potential applications

Live sports coverage

  • Slow-motion production from live camera feeds.
  • Instant replays or produce dynamic effects at stadiums or betting venues.
  • Use up to four normal cameras as slow-motion cameras (optional).
  • Expands production capabilities while reducing costs.

Reuse/repurpose existing footage

  • Existing footage can also be used to create slow-motion video.
  • Re-use surveillance video or other recorded material.

Remote applications

  • Remote control via LAN.
  • Can be used for remote video production at stadiums.
  • Enables remote monitoring of factory production lines.