Product Guide Book 2021-2022

08Video Switchers4K/3G/HD/SD Video SwitcherHVS-2000 Offering 3 traditional M/Es and 4 MELite™ M/Es, this mid-sized switcher is more powerful than switchers with a signicantly higher price tag. With its unique architecture and control capabilities, it offers 7 M/E capability and is ideal for a variety of applications.•24 in/18 out standard (including 2 HDMI outputs). Up to 48 in/18 out or 40 in/22 out (optional).•Up/down stream transition effects.•Adds the pure power of 6 real M/E’s standard capability for multiple independent on-stage monitor display control – each with mixes, wipes, keys and DVE including preview control.•6 or 7 M/E capability: 2 or 3 M/E (optional) + unique 4 MELite with FLEXaKEY™ architecture.•6 I/O expansion slots: HVS-100 series optional cards can be installed.•Supports 3D DVE.•8 x 2.5D DVE plus 4 x 3D DVE (optional).•The built-in multi viewer supports 2 outputs as a standard and can be expanded to 4 outputs/64 windows when used with 2M/E (optional). •Supports 4K processing in SQD and 2SI (optional).•Touch panel display (optional).4K/3G/HD/SD Video SwitcherHVS-490 The HVS-490 offers 4K and 3G capabilities. Exclusive MELite technology extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance.* * Using an optional HVS-49IO card. In 4K mode, 1 M/E + 1 MELite is available.•16 in/9 out standard (including 1 HDMI out). Up to 40 in/18 out, 36 in/20 out, or 32 in/22 out (optional).•4K (UHD, SQD/2SI, optional) and 3G-SDI Level-A (in/out), Level-B (in) support.•4 or 6 M/E performance: 2 M/E + 2 MELite as standard, expandable up to 2 M/E + 4 MELite.•3G-SDI: 8 channels of 2.5D DVE as standard, expandable up to 16 channels (optional).•3 built-in multi viewers with tally and title display.•AES 4 in/4 out with mux/demux function card available (optional).•Built-in web server enables control from a PC or tablet device.•File storage of all data, events and macros to SSD (optional).4K/12G/3G/HD Video SwitcherHVS-1200 Portable switcher ready for 12G-SDI.•12G/3G/HD-SDI supported.•4K: 1 M/E + 1 MELite, HD: 2 M/E + 4 MELite.•4K 2SI.•4K: 10 in/10 out, HD: 40 in/10 out (includes 2 HDMI outputs).•Still and clip processing.•2 keyers per M/E for 4K (4 for HD), 1 FLEXaKEY (4 for HD).•Two 2.5D DVEs for 4K or 16 for HD, expandable up to 4 for 4K.•Frame synchronizer for all inputs, which support still capture.•2 multi viewers.HVS-2120ROUHVS-2240OUHVS-3320OUHVS-3355OUA4K/12G/3G/HD Video SwitcherHVS-6000/6000M Full-featured 4K up to 4 M/E switcher that builds on the solid performance and usability of the HVS series. The HVS-6000/6000M bring 12G-SDI compatibility to all inputs and outputs. Also anticipates future needs in an era of video over IP. Easily expandable, including IP interfaces*.HVS-6000:–2 M/E standard, expandable to 4 M/E.–Up to 80 in/32 out or 64 in/48 out in 12G-SDI.–12RU.–4 built-in multi viewers are optional*. HVS-6000M:–2 M/E standard.–Up to 32 in/24 out in 12G-SDI.–7RU.* HVS-6000 only, to be supported.HVS-492WOUHVS-492OUHVS-492ROUHVS-491OUControl panels for HVS-1200/490Control panels for HVS-6000/6000M/2000

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