Product Guide Book 2021-2022

SolutionsVideo over IPFOR-A System IntegrationVideo SwitchersRouting SwitchersMulti ViewersSystemProcessorsVirtual Studio / On-Air GraphicsCharacter GeneratorsFile Based ProductsUltra Slow-Motion Camera05As a software solution for centralized control and monitoring of diverse video equipment, FOR-A integrated baseband/IP control and monitoring systems are used in mixed environments with SDI (baseband) video and IP video devices. The system enables process control, focused on control of video signal routing. Users can change matrices in a single operation and control schedules. In this system, routing switchers are managed as one virtual router. It offers seamless operation, with no need to distinguish between baseband and IP, and enables exible system building as you gradually bring SDI systems into the IP era. The system anticipates future needs, including cloud-based operation, with an architecture that easily adapts to products of FOR-A or other manufacturers. It’s also easy to control. Web interface can be accessed from multiple computers. For solid, nonstop operation the system supports redundant server congurations and is hot-swappable. It offers easy maintenance to simplify routine operation and enables monitoring systems to be linked to control systems, allowing users to monitor a variety of video equipment centrally.SDI/IP Orchestration SoftwareSOM-100 MatrixSchedulingDeviceSignal NameServer-side SoftwareSDI (baseband)productsIP-compatible productsIP device auto detection and registrationIP device control(Ember+, NMOS)Control PanelsIP video routerIP videoswitcherSignalprocessorRemote production/Resource sharing/Easy system adjustmentRoutingswitcherMultiviewerVideoswitcherIP multiviewerIP signalprocessorMonitoringWeb interface for administration and controlBasebandequipmentcontrolBooking time schedule IP media gatewayCrosspoint selector

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