Product Guide Book 2021-2022

Routing SwitchersCongures a matrix of up to 64 x 72, with up to 4 inputs/4 outputs used for 8K signals or 16 inputs/18 outputs for 4K UHD signals in a 4RU frame.•Supports 3G*1/HD*1/SD*1-SDI and DVB-ASI*1, MADI*1, AES/EBU*1, and analog audio*1. •Audio MUX/DEMUX function can be installed*1.•Versatile crosspoint control.•Frame synchronizer function can be installed on input slot*2.•AVDL function and SRC function can be installed on output slot*2.•Supports NDI® and NDI®|HX sending/receiving (video, audio and tally)*2*3.•SSD can be installed. It enables recording/playing video and audio*2.•Video switcher function (MIX, WIPE, MV, DSK)*2 and video streaming function*2.•SNMP monitoring.•Monitoring all input channels via web browser.•Easy setup and control with web-based GUI. Can be used in an ofine environment with a dedicated GUI*4.•Soft panel control is available. It enables cross point control, camera control and recording/playing for internal SSD*2.•Interface expansion units: tally manager*1, remote control relay unit*1 and GPI unit*1.•Outstanding redundancy: redundant control board*1, redundant power supply*1 and ethernet(remote control)*1.•Connectivity with other products including FOR-A video switchers and multi viewers via ethernet or serial ports*1.*1 Optional. For details, please contact the FOR-A ofce.*2 Optional, to be supported. For details, please contact the FOR-A ofce.*3 NDI is a trademarks of NewTek, Inc. in the United States and other countries.*4 To be supported.Digital video stabilizer that provides real-time correction focused on unwanted camera motion while maintaining steady camera pan and tilt movement.•Supports 3G*1/HD/SD-SDI input and output (1080p, 1080i, 720p, 525/60, 625/50).•Includes the optional ability to remove haze. It can be processed simultaneously with camera motion correction*2. •Auto detection of camera pan/tilt, only unwanted motion corrected.•Straightforward design. Simply supply video signals, no special connection required.•Remote control function via RS-232C, RS-422 or LAN are available.*1 To be supported.*2 Optional, to be supported.Routing SwitcherMFR-3100EX Video StabilizerIVS-720HS ProcessorsCameraUnwanted camera motionorStable videoFOR-A Product Guide UpdatesOriginal imageCorrected imageHaze removal processingVideo stabilization

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