Product Guide Book 2021-2022

SolutionsVideo over IPFOR-A System IntegrationVideo SwitchersRouting SwitchersMulti ViewersSystemProcessorsVirtual Studio / On-Air GraphicsCharacter GeneratorsFile Based ProductsUltra Slow-Motion Camera31Remote Control UnitFT-1RUBRemote Control PanelFT-1RCPAFrame and extract specied HD scenes of any size and/or position from 4K UHD sources (Quad Link 3G-SDI Level-A/B input) using an intuitive touch screen interface. The ZE-ONE tracks specied objects automatically in real time for extraction. Use of an FT-ONE SS4K ultra slow-motion camera also allows simulated zoom, crop and camera motion with slow-motion instant replays. Enjoy unprecedented creative freedom in replays of live sports coverage and other applications.4K Extraction SystemZE-ONE Remote control unit to control super-slow recording/replay and settings. Most FT-ONE-SS4K functions can be controlled via the remote control unit.Provides intuitive and smooth operation using large touch-screen, buttons, dial knobs and a fader. Remote operation is available with IP control.Remote control panel to adjust images or colors.Real-time operation is available using buttons, touch screen and dial knobs.Joystick enables one hand operation for lens iris and pedestal level adjustments.Remote operation is available with IP control.•Extracts HD (1080i or 720p) output from 4K UHD (1080p x 4) input.•Easy touch screen-based framing and extraction.•Up to 2 areas can be extracted using a single computer.•Isolates and enlarges the action in scenes.•Smoothly zoom in or out.•Embedded audio delay processor (16 channel).•Compatible with FT-ONE SS4K.–Simulates camera work in replays—frame slow-motion scenes at desired sizes and from specic in/out and intermediate points.–Perfect for capturing the excitement by zooming into the action in slow-motion replays.•Automatic real-time tracking and extraction of specied objects.•Workow with FT-ONE SS4K: Stores the tracking position during initial playback to enable tracing of the stored position during subsequent playback. Checks and adjusts tracking movement before broadcasts as needed. Enables more ideal tracking from the second playback. Sports production server integrationThe camera’s remote control user interface is compatible with commonly used servers in sports production. FT-ONE-SS4KLiveLive12G-SDI / Quad Link 3G-SDI12G-SDI / Quad Link 3G-SDILiveLiveINSTANT REPLAY ( max.x20 ) or LiveINSTANT REPLAY ( max.x20 ) or LiveStandard CamerasVisionMixerCH ACH BCCUCCUSDILANRS-422Optical camera cableOptical camera cable

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