Product Guide Book 2021-2022

28Character GeneratorsSimple Titler CG-Portable/CG-Portable-A HD/SD title generator capable of superimposing camera titles, date and time, logos, and graphics on input video signals.•Text: Up to 40 characters x 10 lines per page, up to 256 pages•Bitmap character display function enables logos and graphics to be displayed at any selected location•Standard conguration features Ethernet and RS-232C interfaces that allow for easy PC display settings and character registration.•Includes software for easy typing and setting on PC as well as weekly page control scheduling.•Crawl display: Can be set for any selected line (max. 256 characters/line*).* Max. 2 lines (Line 1: 256 characters, Line 2: 128 characters).HD/SD Logo/Title GeneratorLTG-50HSCompact and cost efcient simple titler. Offers text display, graphic display, and mixing at an affordable price.A problem occurred while live streaming. We are sorry for your inconvenience.CG-Portable: –Supports 3G/HD-SDI input and output.CG-Portable-A: –Supports 3G/HD-SDI input, 3G/HD-SDI/HDMI output and 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI conversion.–On/Off remote control (Commercial remote control unit required).•Static PNG/animated logo or IMAG insertion.•2 independent text overlays support x, horizontal crawl and vertical roll.•Independent multi-lingual support for text overlay.•Embedded audio supported: Blank, Pass, Mute.•2 modes installed: internal mixing mode and ll/key output mode.•Fill and key mixing over live background video or uploaded graphics.•Over 70 frames of graphic playback buffer.•Ideal for a range of signage applications.•External reference input available.•Last page is shown after reboot.Annotate or draw on video using a touch screen computer monitor or wirelessly connected tablet.4K/HD TelestratorFVW-700/700-4K * Simultaneous input from wirelessly connected tablets (optional)FVW-700: –Designed for HD-SDI output. A 1RU standalone unit for broadcast studios and cable TV stations.FVW-700-4K: –Designed for Quad Link 3G-SDI output. Compact 1RU unit.•Edges of lines operators draw can be recognized as outlines of a larger shape and joined, using a more advanced edge-rendering algorithm.•Improved automatic freehand formation with noise reduction (algorithm) allows smooth objects to be shaped, and sharp angles to be achieved.•Draw objects that will only cover images of a specied color in the video. For example, specify green to avoid covering players with the objects operators draw.•Mosaic conversion for all drawing tools – including freehand, polygon and others. Create free-form mosaics. Implemented with hardware processing for real-time operations, regardless of the area involved.•Control the telestrator wirelessly from tablets running a dedicated app (optional).•Multi viewer integration: Load presets on a multi viewer, change input sources, switch between full-screen and multi-window, and create a multi-source environment (optional).

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