Product Guide Book 2021-2022

26Virtual Studio / On-Air GraphicsSensor-Less Virtual Studio SystemVRCAM-NXReal-time 3D graphics system designed as a versatile solution for a range of equipment, from inexpensive sensor-less setups to advanced studios linked by sensors.•Accepts multiple video sources, including live camera feeds.•Recreates 3D information from each source to synthesize realistic graphics.•Creates 3D versions of two-dimensional subjects in real-time camera feeds.•Adds natural shadows to 3D objects.•Camera depth of eld can be set as desired by selecting defocused elements.•A novel approach to natural VR, incorporating both an array of tracking data (freely combinable) and convenient, exible sensor-less subject tracking.•Real-time camera tracking, applying tracking data in recorded video with the virtual set.Advanced Virtual SystemInnitySetVirtual studio and real-time graphics control with a single workstation. Simulated camerawork by virtual cameras has introduced more dynamic roles for xed cameras. These systems also support content production and playout control using CG templates. Provides a convenient, fully virtual studio and AR operation in a simple system.•Sensor-equipped camera support: Can be used on all of the 4 cameras. •Support planned for using a computer gamepad to create virtual camera motion path keyframes.•Both on-air and preview from a single playout workstation (some rendering quality restrictions apply to preview).•Supports template-based scene creation. Arrange scenes with CG assigned to each of 5 layers—foreground, background, and 3 DSK layers.•Switch between fully virtual and AR operation, depending on whether the background is simulated or from camera feeds.•For sequential takes, use a playlist that follows the button layout. For exible takes as needed, use direct event buttons.•Ready for AR scenarios with extraction applying MBP-2244 4K input/HD output mode.Virtual SystemBrainstorm eStudio Ver.15/Ver.16 Now supports rendering output in HDR.* Easily create HDR virtual studios. Customizable interfaces for building your own environments. Freely combine multiple scenes, through database linkage.•Advanced modeling and rendering—shaders, particle systems, drawing, distortion, and more.•Animation of all kinds, event management.•Includes a material system compatible with physically based rendering (PBR).* Rendering output in HDR requires a compatible card, such as MBP-2244WS-12G (p. 27).•Brainstorm receives tracking data and sends calibration data to Unreal Engine.•Video input/output are controlled by Brainstorm.•Enables Brainstorm's CG to connect with Unreal Engine's CG and provide simultaneous output.•Take advantage of the unique strengths of both Brainstorm and Unreal Engine. Use Brainstorm when working with frequently modied graphics, and Unreal Engine plug-ins for more realistic character or particle animation that users can import and use in Brainstorm system.•Control panels can be aggregated in Brainstorm custom folders, simplifying software operations.Customizeable folder for Unreal Engine plug-in.Optional plug-in for Unreal Engine

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