Product Guide Book 2021-2022

SolutionsVideo over IPFOR-A System IntegrationVideo SwitchersRouting SwitchersMulti ViewersSystemProcessorsVirtual Studio / On-Air GraphicsCharacter GeneratorsFile Based ProductsUltra Slow-Motion Camera23Standalone TS over IP changeover unit in a 1RU enclosure. Monitors TS-level IP signals in redundant input and instantly switches ports if errors occur, enabling seamless output with no disruption. IP Changeover Switcher (2 inputs)IPS-6200 4K Time-Lag Checker EDD-5400 Measures video delay, audio delay, relative delay between audio channels, or relative delay between video and audio, based on test time code signals.•Supports 12G (optional)/Quad Link 3G/HD-SDI.•Multiplex original test timecode to video, audio, VANC.•Measurement of video/VANC discrepancies.•Transmission delay from a remote site can be measured using 2 units with GNSS-synchronized clocks (optional).•TX (transmitter)/RX (receiver) switching.•Packet auto-detection.•Functional packet path verication.•SDI input bypass.VANC ModemEVM-2650 An HD/SD-SDI ancillary data transmitter that transmits up to 4 lines of RS-232C serial data through the VANC space of HD/SD-SDI streams. Supports high-speed baud rates by packetizing single circuits into multiple blocks.Converts color gamut and dynamic range of 8K/4K/HD signals.Supports ITU-R BT.2100 color space. Registers conversion matrices (up to 8) to convert between ITU-R BT.709 and ITU-R BT.2020 gamut.LMCC-8000A: –8K-DG signals: 1 input/2 outputs (for 8-link 3G-SDI). –8K-422 signals: 1 input/1 output (for 16-link 3G-SDI). –4K signals: 4 inputs/4 outputs (for Quad Link 3G-SDI).–HD signals: 16 inputs/16 outputs. LMCC-8100: –8K-422 signals: 1 input/1 output/4-way distribution (for Quad Link 12G-SDI) and 1 input/1 output (for 16-link 3G-SDI). –4K signals: 4 inputs/4 outputs/4-way distribution (for 12G-SDI) and 4 inputs/4 outputs (for Quad Link 3G-SDI).–HD signals: 16 inputs/16 outputs.8K/4K/HD Linear Matrix Color ConverterLMCC-8000A/8100 3G/HD/SD Changeover SwitcherUSF-80SDICSModular SDI changeover switcher for USF-105AS or USF-212BS frames (p.24). Monitors status of 2 SDI inputs and seamlessly switches to the error-free line if errors are detected.•Supports multi-bit rate 3G-SDI (Level-A/B) and HD/SD-SDI signals.•Auto, semi-auto, and manual switching.•Detects CRC errors, sync loss, image freezing, and other errors.•Corrects delay between inputs.•Frame synchronization.•Signal bypass output.•Congure settings and monitor input signal via the dedicated GUI*.*USF Web GUI can't conrm mounted state and version of USF-80SDICS. Dedicated GUI is required to conrm state and monitor.

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