Product Guide Book 2021-2022

SolutionsVideo over IPFOR-A System IntegrationVideo SwitchersRouting SwitchersMulti ViewersSystemProcessorsVirtual Studio / On-Air GraphicsCharacter GeneratorsFile Based ProductsUltra Slow-Motion Camera17Accepts 3G/HD/SD-SDI and analog composite input for split-screen display of 4 channels on a single monitor. Can also be used to downconvert 4K material for display on traditional HD studio monitors or computer monitors. Includes embedded audio passthrough.4K Monitoring Down ConverterMV-42HSA Economical 4-channel multi viewer with essential features. Full-screen, dual-split (right/left), and quad-split output via HD-SDI and DVI-D. Accepts mixed HD/SD-SDI and optional analog composite input. Add an optional interface card for tally display or Ethernet remote control.HD/SD Multi Viewer (Quad-Split) MV-42HSCompact 1RU multi viewer that accepts up to 16 channels of mixed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and analog composite signals for monitoring on up to 2 screens. Supports dual-monitor output and displays up to 20 windows.4K/3G/HD/SD/Analog/HDMI Multi Viewer (Up to 20 Windows, Dual-monitor Outputs)MV-1620HSA Integrated Control SoftwareGearLink™Software for centralized visual control of video switchers and other peripherals from a single GUI. Ideal for environments with limited space and personnel.Customize button actions and screen layout for an optimal interface.GearLink also enables remote operation. Combines native FOR-A protocols with AMP, NMOS, and others.Equipment without protocol support can be linked via serial, parallel, TCP, HTTP, WebSocket, FTP, SMB or other communication.Video serversVideo serversProcessorsProcessorsModulesModulesMulti viewersMulti viewersRouting switchersRouting switchers• Control crosspoints.• Receive signal names.• Control crosspoints.• Receive signal names.• Control crosspoints.• Create transitions.• Recall events and macros.• Load registered layouts.• Select and play clips.• Select and play clips.• Load events.Video switchersVideo switchers• Load events.SystemLink Source Names and Tally Signals•MFR routing switcher crosspoints can be controlled from HVS video switchers.•Integrated management of source names by MFR, which automatically send source names to HVS and MV multi viewers.•HVS and MFR exchange tally information with each other.•Source names and tally linkage between MFR and MV are controlled by TSL protocol.HVS Series → p.7, 8, 9MV Series → p.15. 16. 17MFR Series → p.12, 13, 14Crosspoint control signalsSource name signalsTally signalsSource name signalsTally signals

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