Product Guide Book 2021-2022

10Video SwitchersMulti-Channel Video ServerFOR-A Video Switchers with Insight Advanced Virtual Set SolutionFOR-A Video Switchers with LiteSetThe Insight server is a versatile 4-channel playout system designed for studio and OB van environments.Functions such as video cue and playout based on bus tally, as well as “Auto Take” are controlled from FOR-A video switchers.IN 2IN 3IN 5IN 6IN 7IN 8IN 1IN 4PVWPGMIN 2IN 3IN 5IN 6IN 7IN 1IN 4PVWPGMIN 8IN 2IN 3IN 5IN 6IN 7IN 1IN 4PVWPGMIN 8Video Switcher OutputsSimply select Insight on the PVW bus to cue up Insight playlist clips.Insight clips are played through PGM selection or via CUT, AUTO, or FADER operation.After the clip ends, playback automatically transitions to the original image, and Insight is available from the PVW bus. The next clip is automatically cued for playout.Joy-stickCamera angleUSER BUTTONPGM/PSTDissolveINOUTVirtual set solution designed for use with HVS-100/110 video switcher. Camera positions and actions are controlled from the HVS-100/110.Cameras are moved within the set by button or Joy-stick operation.Camera switching with dissolves are linked to PGM and PST buses.USER BUTTON can be used for In/Out switching of on-set objects.

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