FOR-A offers Video Switcher Trade-in Promo

FOR-A Offers
Video Switcher Trade-in Promo

Exciting news for HVS-350HS or HVS-390HS switcher owners. Right now, you can trade in your HVS-350HS or HVS-390HS
toward the purchase of a new HVS-2000 or HVS-490 video switcher.

Special Offer for HVS-350HS and HVS-390HS Customers

Now is the time for you to upgrade to the latest FOR-A video switcher. Trade in your HVS-350HS or HVS-390HS toward the purchase of a new HVS-2000 or HVS-490.

* Orders must be received by September 30, 2021, to take advantage of this promotion.
* Serial numbers must be provided to FOR-A to determine product eligibility.

HVS-2000 and HVS-490

Why switch your switcher?

Our latest gear is designed to make your productions even more compelling and prepare you for a 3G or 4K future.

Both the HVS-2000 and the HVS-490 open the door to more affordable 4K production and are ideal for use in any live environment, including mobile shoots, events, broadcast control rooms and in-house corporate productions.


  • 2 M/E unit with 6 M/E functionality MELite™ technology (expandable to 3 M/E)
  • 24/18 I/O expandable to 48/18 or 40/22
  • Support options for 3G and 4K workflows
  • 4 keyers per M/E plus expanded FLEXaKEY™ functionality
  • Control panels with color-coded buttons, integrated touch panel GUI, and joystick
  • Expandable dual-channel multi-viewer
  • 4 dedicated still/clip stores



  • 6 M/E functionality in a 2 M/E unit with MELite™ technology
  • 16/9 I/O expandable to 40/22 (3G, HD, and SD)
  • Optional 4K mode with 10/6 or 8/7 I/O
  • Frame sync on every input, re-sizing on four inputs
  • Choice of control panels
  • 3 built-in multi-viewers displaying up to 49 windows in 4K 2SI mode
  • 100 wipe patterns plus 16 2.5D DVE wipes and other rich effects
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