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The signage and titling possibilities with CG-Portable/Portable-A are endless. Whether it’s adding logos and watermarks to broadcasting videos or displaying information for streaming videos of conferences, we have just the solution you need. 

Compact, Cost Effective and Easy to Use


Lineup: CG-Portable/CG-Portable-A

CG-Portable Simple titler front/reear


  • Real-time Fill/Key composition
  • Offers both DSK mode (Fill/Key send) and Internal Mix mode (compositing with external video)
  • Over 70 frames of graphic playback buffer
  • Two lines of text (multilingual support)
  • Text can be scrolled vertically or horizontally
  • Adjustable font sizes, colors, transparency and borders
  • Static PNG /Animated / IMAG logo insertion
  • Embedded audio supported: Blank, Pass, Mute
  • External reference input available
  • Last page is shown after reboot
  • Simple operation via web browser
  • Ideal for large and small productions e.g. houses of worship, theatrical performances, local sports events.

Application Example

Live Logo

Display live logo or animation logo by using sequenced number files.

CG-Poratble logo insertion


Display TV station logo, watermark to broadcasting videos.

CG-Portable watermark insertion


Display created commercial message. Enables adjustment of text size, color, roll and more.

CG-Portable text insertion

Information Display

Display PNG file in digital signage.

CG-Portable information display


Display information for streaming videos of lectures or conferences.

CG-Portable text insertion for video streaming

Message Board

Create a message board from output.

CG-Portable text insertion

Censoring in Medical Field

Censoring personal information.

Left: before censoring,
Right: after censoring (yellow box)

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