Variable Frame Rate Camera


Compact, lightweight and configured as an all-in-one self-contained unit, the VFC-7000 is an easy to operate variable frame rate camera that is capable of high-speed HD recordings.

  • Variable frame rate camera capable of high-speed HD recording
  • High-speed 700 fps HD full frame recording
  • Frame rate can be varied from 24 to 700 fps
  • High-sensitivity CMOS color sensor
  • Lens mount: F mount (PL mount option also available)
  • Electronic high-speed shutter: Up to 1/200,000 sec for recording fast subjects without blur
  • Recording time: 9.8 sec standard (700 fps), can be expanded to 29.5 sec (optional)
  • Recording method: Endless recording with built-in memory, saved video can be linked to an external trigger  (start, center or end trigger style can be selected
  • Video output: Equipped with 2 channels of HD-SDI output Simultaneous output of live and recorded video
  • Genlock capability (BB or Tri-level sync)
  • Camera head, main body and recording component all in one integrated structure
  • Also supports DC drive, making it optimal for recording outdoors and in other environments with no power source


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