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3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video Switcher

New generation of HANABI series, 2M/E switcher HVS-2000 is launched.

HD/SD 1M/E - 2M/E Video Switcher

The new HVS-390HS video switcher will come in sizes from 1 M/E to 2 M/E. Even easier to use, it has evolved to become more powerful, while maintaining all of the highly acclaimed functionality of the HVS-300 series.

Universal System Frame

Universal modular frame designed for compact (2U), economical system building.

4K (UHD) up/down conversion module for USF-212S

4K (UHD) up/down conversion module for USF-212S

Super Resolution 4K Up Converter

The URC-4000 provides powerful up-conversion and turns HD video into 4K in real time.

Multi Channel Signal Processor

The FA-505 is a frame synchronizer equipped with up/down/cross converter (5 video I/O).

Multi-channel Signal Processor

The FA-1010 is a frame synchronizer equipped with the various functions you need for video production and that enables multi-channel routing (10 video I/O).

3G/HD/SD Dual Channel Multi Purpose Signal Processor

The FA-9520 is a dual channel multipurpose signal processor loaded with all the functions you need for video production.

3G/HD/SD Multi Purpose Signal Processor

The FA-9500 is a multipurpose signal processor loaded with all the functions you need for video production.

HD/SD Portable Video Switcher
HVS-100 / 110

The HVS-100 and the HVS-110, the Hanabi series of portable video switchers, boast exceptional cost performance.

3G/HD/SD/Analog/HDMI/DVI/RGBHV Mixed High Resolution Multi Viewer

The MV-4200/4210 is a 2U multi-viewer that accepts up to 68 channels of mixed 3G/HD/SD-SDI, analog composite, HDMI, DVI, or RGBHV signals for monitoring on 8 screens.

3G/HD/SD/Analog/HDMI/DVI Mixed High Resolution Multi Viewer (Up to 16 Inputs, 6-Monitor Outputs)

Compact (1U) multi viewer for monitoring, featuring up to 16 inputs and 6 outputs.

3G/HD/SD/Analog Mixed High-Resolution Multi-Viewer (16 Channels, Dual-Screen Output)

The MV-1620HS is a multi-viewer that supports mixed inputs of 3G, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, and analog composite signals.

HD/SD Quad Viewer and 4K(QFHD) Monitoring Down Converter

Enables monitoring 4K footage on an HD or PC monitor. Supports quad-split screen of 3G-SDI input.

HD/SD/Analog/PC Mixed High Resolution Multi Viewer

The MV-3200 is a multi viewer offering a multi-monitor display environment suited to your system by selecting and installing the required input and output boards on a 2U frame.

3G/HD/SD/ASI Routing Switcher

Routing switcher that builds on the solid performance of our larger MFR-5000/8000 units through redundancy and easy maintenance.

3G/HD/SD/ASI/AES Routing Switcher
MFR-3232RPS / 3216RPS / 1616 / 1616R / 1616A

Multi-format routing switchers that support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, and AES signals.

8K/4K/HD/SD/ASI/AES/RS-422 Routing Switcher

The MFR-5000 System is a group of multi-format routing switchers supporting 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, ASI, AES and RS-422 signals.

3G/HD/SD/ASI/AES/RS-422 Routing Switcher

The MFR-8000 builds on the functions and control interfaces of MFR-5000 specifications to offer an expanded matrix of up to 256 inputs/256 outputs in a 16U frame.

Remote Control Unit
MFR-RU Series

Several types or remote control unit for MFR series to suit your application.

Clip Server

Clip server that enable simultaneous dual-channel recording and playback.

Zoom Extraction System

Extracting desired 4K image areas to capture the action for HD replays is a smart new way to take advantage of shooting in 4K. Now FOR-A offers an original solution.

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