Virtual Studio/Augmented Reality Systems

4K/3G/HD Keyer
DSK-400 (Provisional)

DSK-400 is a 4K (QFHD) keyer that has 12 inputs and 8 outputs for 3G-SDI.

Virtual Processor/Chroma Keyer

Virtual processor with multi-format (3G/HD) support. Superior chroma keying backed by innovation.

Marker-less Tracking Sensor

The evolution of virtual systems has progressed from CGs that follow cameras to CGs that follow people and objects.

Sensor-less Virtual Studio/RCG System
VRCAM3 (Provisional)

For an easy, economical virtual studio/RCG solution that links computer graphics to camera motion, simply connect the VRCAM3 system to a 4K camera.

Real Time CG System
SmartDirect RCG

The SmartDirect RCG can produce easy and low-cost real-time CG. The operation also easily in small groups.

All-in-One Live Production System

SmartDirect is a revolutionary system that dramatically simplifies video production workflows.

Marker-less RCG System

The Marker-less RCG System makes realtime composition without external sensors on cameras and markers on targets.

HD/SD Virtual Studio/RCG System

'digiStorm' is the state-of -the art on-air graphics solution created by the joint development efforts of FOR-A and Brainstorm Multimedia.

Sensor-less Virtual Studio System

VRCAM, FOR-A's sensor-less virtual studio system enabling a virtual studio using a one-man-operated, no-cameraman environment, has been updated to the VRCAM2 with even more advanced features.

Virtual System Platform
MBP-1244, MBP-12CK/12RU/RUA

FOR-A’s developed virtual system video platform is a video platform intended specifically for building a virtual system/RCG system.

HD/SD Chroma Keyer

The MBP-100CK is a High performance chroma keyer with FOR-A's unique algorithm.

Virtual Studio Set Library

10 practical virtual CG sets in 1 package. CG resource collection for Brainstorm eStudio.

Data Router / digiStorm Controller
DSC-100 / 200

The DSC-100/200 is a device for switching camera parameters in FOR-A's virtual studio and RCG system. Normally, one CG processor is required for each camera for compositing with CG images.