Virtual Studio/Augmented Reality (AR)

Single-operator to high-end virtual studio product lineup. Required compositing chroma-keying equipment also available.

Advanced 3D Chroma Keyer
ACK-3000 (Preliminary)

Realistic chroma key compositing with two types of 3D shadows: under feet + whole body

4K/HD Keyer

The DSK-400 is a 4K (UHD) keyer with 12 inputs and 8 outputs for 3G-SDI. Add DSK-400CK for 4K chroma keying.

Virtual Processor/Chroma Keyer

Virtual processor with multi-format (3G/HD) support. Superior chroma keying backed by innovation.

Marker-less Tracking Sensor

The evolution of virtual systems has progressed from CGs that follow cameras to CGs that follow people and objects.

HD/SD Virtual Studio/RCG System

'digiStorm' is the state-of -the art on-air graphics solution created by the joint development efforts of FOR-A and Brainstorm Multimedia.

Sensor-less Virtual Studio System

VRCAM, FOR-A's sensor-less virtual studio system enabling a virtual studio using a one-man-operated, no-cameraman environment, has been updated to the VRCAM2 with even more advanced features.

Virtual System Platform
MBP-1244, MBP-12CK/12RU/RUA

FOR-A’s developed virtual system video platform is a video platform intended specifically for building a virtual system/RCG system.

HD/SD Chroma Keyer

The MBP-100CK is a High performance chroma keyer with FOR-A's unique algorithm.

Virtual Studio Set Library

10 practical virtual CG sets in 1 package. CG resource collection for Brainstorm eStudio.

Data Router / digiStorm Controller
DSC-100 / 200

The DSC-100/200 is a device for switching camera parameters in FOR-A's virtual studio and RCG system. Normally, one CG processor is required for each camera for compositing with CG images.

Real Time CG System
SmartDirect RCG

The SmartDirect RCG can produce easy and low-cost real-time CG. The operation also easily in small groups.

All-in-One Live Production System

SmartDirect is a revolutionary system that dramatically simplifies video production workflows.