File-based Total Solution (Media Management System)

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Total solutions for a file-based era

MediaConcierge™ is the collective name for FOR-A's media management systems that have been developed for content management services in the video industry. In addition to common MPEG1/2/4 and H.264 compression standards, MediaConcierge™ also supports tapeless media files such as DVCPRO and XDCAM, and computer media files such as Windows Media Video and Quick Time, making it compatible with a wide range of manufacturers and various file formats. This is the most significant feature of the FOR-A system. Of course, our system also supports regular HD/SD-SDI video signals. Support for diverse file formats is useless unless the data can also be output in diverse file formats. MediaConcierge™ is a powerful, comprehensive system that not only performs the unified management of content, but is also packaged with the file conversion functions that are required for subsequent processes. Today, a single content item can offer numerous business opportunities through various channels, such as television broadcasting, internet delivery and packaged media. To help you make the most of these opportunities, MediaConcierge™ offers you support in constructing a repurposing (secondary usage) system that converts files of a single piece of source data to the optimum format for various different operational configurations.

Filebased Workflow of MediaConceirge™

MediaConcierge Workflow Image









MBP-100SX/110SXA/100PD: Base band converters

  • Base band converters that convert HD/SD-SDI signals to MXF files in real-time

TS line recording

  • Supports management and usage of not only base band signals, but also files with recorded TS streaming data, such as H.264 and MPEG-2

MCI-100: Ingest software

  • Additional software that implements high-level ingest work
  • VTR control functions for professional use: Sets in/out points; controls a professional VTR via RS-422; encodes video
  • Stand-by encoding function: Allows you to preset encoding starting times from ancillary time code information
  • Reserved recording function: Automatically starts encoding by setting the encoding starting and ending days and times
  • Follow-up copy function: Follow up copy to an external storage and the like is possible while encoding. Implements stable encoding that is unaffected by the external storage and LAN speed
  • Remote control function (optional): Controls remotely from another PC using an HTTP protocol

Meta data registration

Ingest Center Image
  • In addition to conventional MediaConcierge features, such as basic meta data registration, and the addition of unique IDs, the following features are also included
  • Links with hosts such as support systems
  • Additional meta data, search keyword: Addition of use period and restrictions, and comments
  • Time axis meta data: Sets meta data not only for the entire file, but also for cuts (scenes) within your material

Quality Control

  • Overall management of QC work in each process, including QC in ingesting and QC of send-complete packets
  • Encoding system equipped with comparison detection function: Compares the encoder input video and audio and the content of the file output to automatically detect problems while encoding


Links with non-linear editing systems

  • Resolves the problem of lost association to meta data added before editing on a non-linear editing system
  • Associates with meta data for post-editing files using the MC File Linker


Workflow Manager: Workflow management software

  • General-use server software for uniform management and controlling workflow processes of file bases such as copying and moving of files between each island, registration of meta data, and generation of proxies
  • Adding and changing work flows is simplified, and enabling the construction of flexible and highly expandable systems


  • Task management
  • Status check
  • Task priority change
  • Task stop/delete
  • etc...


  • Create proxy
  • Transcode
  • File transfer
  • File QC, processing
  • Chasing edit
  • etc...

MediaConcierge Center: Material management software

  • Uses its core software, MediaConcierge Center, to enable uniform management of all files without depending on special formats
  • Stores files as originals
  • Enables high degree of freedom to search with abundant meta data
  • Search results enable video checks using thumbnails, meta data or proxy data
  • File attachment function: Enables filing of all files related to materials, such as drafts created in MS Word, spread-sheet data created in Excel, or PDF files, as file attachments, such as those in email software
  • LTR-100HS/120HS linking function: Enables partial retrieval of materials files in LTO taps, while viewing the proxy images in MediaConcierge
  • Material master file management: Enables archiving along with project files to the LTO, by managing material files consolidated using non-linear editing software


MBP-100SX/110SXA/100PD: Clip server

  • Converter that can also be used as a stand-alone sending server, by installing SSD. Functions as a sending client by combining with video server

MBP-100MP: Multi-format player

  • Multi-format player that can base-band output all files
  • Supports the main file formats including P2 (AVC-Intra, DVCPRO HD), XDCAM HD/HD422, and MXF files like GF


LTR-100HS/120HS: LTO-5 video archive recorder

  • Archive recorder that adopts LTO-5, which is a high-capacity storage media
  • Includes many useful features such as ingest from base band, proxy generation, and base-band output of saved files
  • Supports file input and output. The partial retrieve function allows retrieval of only the necessary portions from the LTO tape for reuse

LTR Browser

LTR Browser
  • Remote software for accessing from the PC, the LTO-5 mounted on LTR-100HS/120HS
  • Enables file input and output, meta data granting and revisions, and proxy file downloading, and partial retrieve instructions


Prism system: Real-time network distribution system for on-air video

Prism System
  • A network distribution system that is perfect for re-use of video content, with a basic composition of an encoder, simple editing and trans-corder
  • Enables distribution over the Internet, by implementing follow-up editing while recording on-air video. The easy-to-learn system reduces operating costs.



Related Products

MBP-100SX / 110SXA / 100PD

This converter is capable of mutual conversion between MXF (XDCAM) files and HD/SD-SDI signals.


The MBP-100MP is a 1RU size multi-format player offering HD-SDI output of miscellaneous files.


This is software for wrapping or unwrapping MXF files.

LTR-100HS6 / 120HS6

The LTR Series is a standalone video archiving recorder fitted with an LTO (Linear Tape Open) drive - the latest in storage technology.


The LTS-50 archive all media files via a network to the LTO on the main unit with an LTFS file systems, regardless of the file format.